The Environmental Justice
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This site has been developed as a project for the School of Natural Resources and Environment class "Ecological Issues" at the University of Michigan. The purpose is to supply information to students and the general public about Environmental Justice and about some of the current topics. This site has been put together by Julie Rajzer, Amelia Vanvoorthuysen, James Hefferan, Shanna Singh, and Jaime Feder. You may read our final project reflection if you wish, otherwise we hope that you enjoy and learn from this site!

  • What Is Environmental Justice?
  • Read About the History of Environmental Justice
  • Read Definitions of Environmental Justice Terms
  • Read About Some Recent Environmental Justice Cases
  • Find Out About Environmental Justice in Michigan
  • Take a Look at Some Environmental Justice Reports and Articles
  • Visit Other Environmental Sites

  • Last modified: April 6, 1997

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