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Endangered Species: Images and Natural History

Images:Image databases include thumbnail images which link to larger images along with brief descriptions of species. The clickable regional map shows which species are threatened and endangered in each state.
Facts:Factsheets have information on species' appearance, range, habitat and reason for threatened status.

60 Endangered Species Images
Images from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Region 3. These images have been published in their recent special newsletter on the reauthorization of the Endangered Species Act.

8 Endangered Species Images from Optilearn
This list of thumbnail images from Optilearn's Endangered Species CD-ROM links to pages with larger images and factsheets about these endangered species.


Clickable Regional Map
This clickable map shows which species are threatened and endangered in each state.

Listed Species by State/Territory
From the US Fish and Wildlife Service, this map of the United States shows how many species have been listed as endangered in each state and territory as of August 31, 1995.
Endangered Species Factsheets
With information originating mostly from the US Fish and Wildlife Service and formatted by various organizations, these texts on individual endangered species describe the appearance, range, habitat, reproduction, reasons for threatened or endangered status, and efforts to preserve these species.

Endangered Species Management in the National Wildlife Refuge System
Information describing the history, refuges and species of the National Wildlife Refuge System.

Endangered Species Earth Watch Radio Scripts
Produced by the Sea Grant Institute and the Institute for Environmental Studies (IES) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The complete set of scripts is on the EE-Link gopher in the "Facts and Data" directory.

Other places look for more natural history information on specific animals:

Conservation Efforts, a short list of organizations working on endangered species, sorted by group.

Exotic, Wildlife, and Zoo Animal Home Page of the Electronic Zoo offers several hundred links.

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