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Bald Eagle
Endangered Species Images. These 60 images of endangered species come from the Fish and Wildlife Service Region 3. They were originally scanned at high resolution for inclusion in a special newsletter on endangered species prepared in anticipation of the reauthorization of the Endangered Species Act. Resolution and size have been reduced here to make Internet access viable. Thumbnails link to larger photos which are up to 90K in size. [Bald Eagle Photo by John Herron, (c)]
Gray Wolf Mammals -4-

Kirtland's Warbler Birds -5-

Northern Copperbelly Water
Snake Reptiles -2-

Pallid Sturgeon Fish -5-

Orange-footed Pearly Mussel Mollusks -16-

Karner Blue Butterfly Arthropods -5-

Dwarf Lake Iris Plants -22-

Formatted for EE-Link / 20 March 1995