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Links on this page are for activities and materials dealing with air quality and climate change.

Curriculum Guide: Exploring Climate Change Impacts    
Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) set of teaching materials geared towards students and teachers in grades 9-12. Individual exercises are adaptable to different grade levels and engage students in an exploration of the impacts of global climate change on ecosystems and natural resources. In pdf format.
The URL is:

Global Greenhouse Warming    
Web site contains over 100 informative pages on climate change; including sections on greenhouse gases, extreme weather events, alternative and renewable energy, polar caps, climate and society, sea level rise, ocean acidification, and actions that can be undertaken to reduce global warming.
The URL is:

OzonAction Education Pack    
OzonAction Education Pack provides primary school teachers with practical, hands-on and entertaining curricula material to educate students about the protective role of the ozone layer and the causes and consequences of its depletion.
The URL is:

Pathfinder Science Ozone Project    
Each fall students from all over the country participate in the Pathfinder Science research area, exploring ground-level ozone. Ozone is a toxic gas which is formed by a reaction between air pollutants and sunlight. This research area is design for upper elementary through high school age students with two easy to follow, network-wide, standardized protocols are offered.
The URL is:

CAMNET - Haze Cam Pollution Visibility Camera Network    
Contains a network of realtime visibility cameras located at scenic urban and rural locations and near realtime air pollution and meterological data. Created by the Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM), an association of the air pollution control agencies of Newark/NYC, New York, and the six New England states.
The URL is:

Popular Education Toolkit    
"Popular Education is a tool to raise people's critical awareness about the world around them, based on their personal experience." Ozone and Sustainable Transportation Exercises using popular education methodology can be viewed online (adapted from Friends of the Earth (Canada)'s Ozone Protection Workshop Kit).
The URL is:

World Resources Institute site provides info on lowering energy usage, energy saving products, a calculator to determine the carbon dioxide footprint for organizations or personal use, and climate related resources.
The URL is:

Schools Going Solar    
Includes a database of University and K-12 school projects nationwide and internationally. As well as resources for starting your own project. A project of Interstate Renewable Energy Council's PV for YOU Program.
The URL is:

Science of Global Warming    
This software package is designed to meet National Science standards and teach grades 8-14, through simulations and real experiments, about the science of global warming and it's abstractions. Purchase information from Seeds Software available. (Mac and PC compatible).
The URL is:

Student's Guide: Understanding Basic Ecological Concepts    
A combined textbook and workbook that focuses on ecological concepts and the interrelationships of living things and their environments. Students examine current environmental problems such as acid rain, toxic waste, tropical deforestation, and destruction of the ozone layer. Grades 8+.
The URL is:

Simon Says "Stop Global Warming"    
New program designed to teach kids about global warming with activities, lesson plans and printable materials for teachers, and a carbon calculator to help students figure their global footprint.
The URL is:

Air Quality Index for Kids    
The colorful, extremely basic text defines the Air Quality Index, discusses what makes air dirty and which people are most at risk for getting sick from air pollution. From the US EPA Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards. For ages 7-10.
The URL is:

Environmental Defense Fund's Tailpipe Tally    
How much does your car pollute? Calculate how much carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide your vehicle emits each year, compared to the national average. Learn why it matters and what you can do to help.
The URL is:

EPA Animations Global Warming Kids Site    
Series of educational climate animations for grades 5-9 entitled "Global Warming and Earth Processes," feature illustrated moving scenes of how global warming occurs, the carbon cycle and global warming, and the water cycle and global warming designed to break down complex processes into a series of easy-to-understand components accessible to the intermediate grades.
The URL is:

Exploring Climate Change Impacts Curriculum Guide    
For students and teachers in grades 9-12, exercises are adaptable to grade levels. Activities include an "Engagement" exercise, a Student Exploration project, and ideas for extended study. "The materials align with National Learning Standards for Science, Geography, Social Studies, Language Arts, Environmental Education, and Technology."
The URL is:

Exploring the Environment (ETE) Grades 9-12 Learning Modules      
ETE is a series of interdisciplinary, problem-based learning modules for high school students (online). The project engages student teams in addressing real-world problems related to weather, population growth, biodiversity, land use patterns, volcanoes, water pollution, and global warming. Teams analyze remotely-sensed images to come up with solutions to open-ended earth science problems.
The URL is:

Global Systems Science Grades 9-12      
"An interdisciplinary course for high school students (9-12) that emphasizes how scientists from a wide variety of fields work together to understand significant problems of global impact." Including climate change, energy use, biodiversity and population. A project of the Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley.
The URL is:

Skyeye Weather Teacher's Corner    
Helpful weather info links plus information on weather related topics for teachers and students.

Science experiments and weather education presentation info. Elementary students enjoy asking Puffy-Q questions too.
The URL is:

Lesson Plans - Environmental Issues Forum Workshop      
Submitted by teachers at a workshop emphasizing urban EE, downloadable lesson plans on air and water quality, solid waste, and land use planning. From the Chicago Academy of Sciences.
The URL is:

NASA - Educator Guide and Activities    
"NASA offers a variety of educational products and resources in the area of Earth Science. Check out the teachers' guides, videos and links to other materials available to educators." (Some resources are available for download in PDF format). For K-12, post secondary, and informal educators.
The URL is:

National Park Service AirWeb    
The website has links to real time air quality web cameras in National Parks, park and refuge maps, monitoring information, research projects, and publications. Includes a series of activities for elementary and secondary schools to teach students about Acid Rain.
The URL is:

NOAA Educational Links    
A list of web resources about weather, atmosphere, oceans, and space as well as resources for teachers and students. Provided by NOAA
The URL is:

Air CURRENTS is a curriculum designed for middle and high school math science and social studies classes to educate students about air, air pollution and air monitoring techniques.

Funded in part by an EPA EMPACT grant to involve students and community groups in ambient air quality monitoring projects.
The URL is:

321 Weather    
Click on the map to find the weather in your area. Site provides current weather conditions, watches and warnings, movie clips, radar maps, and more. Add your local weather to your site.
The URL is: aim to:

1) Inform and educate individuals on global warming and climate change

2) Advice domestic and commercial clients on how to benefit financially by saving energy

3) Lobby government, industry and other organisations to ensure that climate change and global warming is high on the political agenda.
The URL is:

CIESE Online Classroom Projects    
Center for Improved Engineering and Science Education (CIESE) interdisciplinary projects that teachers can use to enhance their curriculum through use of the Internet. Focus is on projects that utilize realtime data from the Internet, and collaborative projects that reach peers and experts around the world via the Internet. Some of these collaborative projects include "Down the Drain: How much water do you use?"; "The Global Water Sampling Project: An investigation of water quality" for grades 9-12; and "The Square of Life: Studies of Local and Global Environments" for grades 1-5. Each project has a brief description and links to the National Science Standards and NCTM math standards it supports.
The URL is:

Cycles of the Earth and Atmosphere Teaching Module - Grades 5-8    
Online teaching module for middle school science teachers providing background information and supporting classroom teaching materials. Content focus is climate change and issues related to both stratospheric and tropospheric ozone.
The URL is:

EPA's - Air Pollution: What's the Solution?      
Explore ground-level ozone through an online teaching unit designed for grades 6-9, correlated to National Science Eduation Standards and Excellence in Environmental Eduation: Guidelines for Learning. Students will discover the science underlying ozone formation while using real world data, EPA's Air Quality Index, the scientific method, graphing, math and data interpretation skills.
The URL is:

EPA Explorer's Club      
The EPA Explorer's Club is designed like a clubhouse with various rooms. Filled with educational activities in the art room, game room, science room, and pages where kids learn about air, water, garbage & recycling, plants, and animals.
The URL is:

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