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Activities and events for Earth Day.

New Curriculum from Earth Day Network    
Teach about the history of the environmental movement with Earth Day Network’s newest curriculum unit. This online resource for all ages and users provides lesson plans, activity ideas, and digital multimedia resources for the classroom.
The URL is:

Teens for Planet Earth Social Networking Site    
Teens for Planet Earth (T4PE) has been completely transformed into a social networking site with a brand new look and a whole new set of ways to help teens and adults who work with teens carry out environmental service-learning projects. Members can connect with teammates and friends as well as many other T4PE members in their area and around the world. They can share photos and videos of their projects; start or comment on a blog, post upcoming events related to their projects; find resources to help them carry out a successful project; start a group to communicate with team members, keep track of tasks, and encourage reflection; offer and receive advice on conducting service-learning projects; and much more.
The URL is:

WDNR Activities for Earth Day, EE Week, Arbor Day    
The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) offers a wealth of information about environmental projects that could be used for Earth Day, National Environmental Education Week, Arbor Day or any day.

View a sample list at: Website offers a complete listing of education programs and volunteer opportunities offered by the WDNR.
The URL is:

NSTA Earth Day Resources    
National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) lists a number of Earth Day teaching materials and activities for students of all ages.
The URL is:

NASA Celebrates Earth Day    
"Enabling environmentally sound mission success." Earth Day activities and display planned at NASA headquarters.
The URL is:

National Water Monitoring Day    
April 22nd The Earth Day Network has produced "What's in Your Water?" an educator's guide for grades 5 - 8 to help teachers and students take part in this nationwide event by measuring the health of their local watersheds.
The URL is:

Auntie Litter is Anti-Litter!    
Through the character of "Auntie Litter" and comprehensive teaching strategies and tools, young people learn the importance of living in a clean and healthy environment. Through books, play, and music children learn to conserve natural resources, eliminate litter, and practice the new 3 R's - reuse, reduce waste, and recycle. From Auntie Litter, Inc., a non-profit organization.
The URL is: - Environment Feature    
Cross-curricular, interactive activities about water pollution, recycling and air quality. Originally designed to support's Earth Day contest. Check out the four elements: Earth, Air, Water, Space. Each contains many fun and educational activities all about the environment of the earth we call home.
The URL is:

Planet Pals Earthday Ideas Page    
Includes the story of Earthday, countdown to Earthday "Clock", a multitude of activities and information resources for teachers, students, and ideas for community activities.
The URL is:

Classroom Earth K-12 Resources    
A collection of EE programs & resources for K-12 teachers, parents, & students from NEETF. Designed to help educators, after-school providers & home-schooling parents to get started or improve their skills in environmental education.
The URL is:

Earth Day at Kid's Domain    
Celebrate Earth Day every day. Many "earth friendly" activities, ideas, downloadables, interactives, stories, recipes, puzzles and links to other kid sites.
The URL is:

Earth Day 2006 Activities    
This Earth Day, join a chorus of voices sharing a message of hope with the world. Learn how public figures like celebrities, politicians, conservationists, and people like you view the future of the planet.
The URL is:

Earth Day Network    
In addition to supporting Earth Day and promoting environmental citizenry, Earth Day Network seeks to increase the quantity and quality of environmental education available to K-12 teachers of all subject areas.
The URL is: Earth Day Activities    
Earth-friendly, fun activities to help build environmental awareness in your classroom (K-8).
The URL is:

Earth Day Coalition    
The Earth Day Coalition (EDC) is a nonprofit environmental education and advocacy organization serving Ohio. EDC was established in 1990 to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of Earth Day in Ohio.
The URL is:

Earth Day Events Calendar    
Earth Day events currently scheduled in USA Nationwide. Events are shown chronologically, from earliest start date and time to latest.
The URL is:

Earth Day Every Day      
Sponsored by The Wilderness Society, this site explains the history of Earth Day and the conservation movement and has information on migratory birds and Wilderness areas in North America.
The URL is:

World in the Balance    
“World in the Balance,” the companion Web site to NOVA’s Earth Day special, features educational resources on population and the environment. Produced by WGBH, “World in the Balance” offers interactive population maps, classroom role plays, and activities including a population growth calculation, a global trends quiz, and a demographic matching game.
The URL is:

Earth Day Grocery Project    
Schools collaborate with a local grocery store to decorate shopping bags for Earth Day. Lots of supporting information, and examples from the hundreds of schools that have participated.
The URL is:

Earth Day in Brief    
A short background on the history and mission of Earth Day (excerpt from Earth Day Organizers Guide).

The URL is:

Earth Day Education Program and Fundraiser    
Coordinate a national education program offering teachers free environmental educational mailings - a great opportunity for teachers to receive environmental educational ideas (curricula, project ideas etc.) Coordinate an environmental-based fundraiser - organizations sell CFLs (energy saving lightbulbs).
The URL is:

Earth Day in Kentucky    
The Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet along with several other state agencies has developed this Web site to provide you with suggestions for celebrating the Earth in Kentucky.

The URL is:

Earth Day in Your Neighborhood    
"A Guide for Kids From 2 to 122"

From planting trees to organizing parades, activities & resources for celebrating earthday in your neighborhood.
The URL is:

Earth Day: Kids Stuff    
Fun, informative site with activities, message from Gaylord Nelson, Earth Day Founder, adventures of "Migratory Max" and other arctic birds. Part of The Wilderness Society's Earth Day Every Day Program.
The URL is:

Planetpals Earthzone    
PLANETPALS characters have earth friendly rhymes about the planet to read and listen to, interactive activities include: a recycle kit, card game, craft patterns, bead critters, a kids club and a creative contest. A Teacher/Parent page and Earth Day info are also available.
The URL is:

Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum    
Sun-Earth Day is a national celebration of the Sun, the space around the Earth (geospace), and how all of it affects life on our planet. NASA sponsored activities related to the Sun-Earth connections and the views of the Sun from Earth.
The URL is:

Earth Day Online    
Photos of ecosystems, get environmental tips and fun things to do for each day of the celebration, or link to other Earth Day pages.
The URL is:

U.S. EPA Earth Day    
A listing of EPA-sponsored Earth Day events around the country, a history of Earth Day, publications, links, and other resources for observing Earth Day.
The URL is:

WaterWays - Earth Day K-12 Teachers Guide (2001)    
An overview of environmental issues that relate to our water supply. Includes links to classroom-friendly teaching activities and resources.

The URL is:

Earth Day Site    
International Earth Day Site declaring Earth Day March 20th, during the vernal equinox. Site contains an archive of John McConnell's writings, the founder of Earth Day.
The URL is:

EPA Regional Earth Day Activities    
EPA and other government agencies activities as part of an outreach to diverse individuals and groups that protect public health and the environment. The EPA is hosting, sponsoring and participating in Earth Day activities.
The URL is:

History of Earth Day    
EPA site providing essays and other materials about the history of Earth Day.
The URL is:    
Recycle Media creates environmental in-school programs and is interested in collaborations. We are currently marketing a new recycling activity & coloring book in time for Earth Day with an in-school recycling program.
The URL is:

Project Nature Connect Earth Day Activity    
Earth Day 2005: Two Environmental Education internet nature-connecting activities expand consciousness and respect for humanity's sensuous relationship with the global life community. The activities use multiple senses and intelligences to express appreciation to Mother Earth for gifts to the human psyche and spirit from Earth's natural systems.
The URL is:

Planet H2O Airs in April to Mark Earth Day    
PLANET H2O, a two-part special from Thirteen/WNET New York will premier on public television in April to mark Earth Day. Both episodes, "The Secret Life of Water" and "Water World," focus on fresh water systems around the world and their impact on land, air, and living things.
The URL is:

Chopping Down the Hillside    
An animated music video "Choping Down the Hillside" created to help raise awareness about our fragile enviornment and Earth Day 2006 (April 22nd) Please unlitter!
The URL is:

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