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Links on this page are for activities and materials dealing with threatened and endangered plants, animals, and habitats.

Urban Wildlife Resources Grades 4-7    
"An information source and clearinghouse for urban wildlife-related matters. A major objective is to facilitate interaction and achieve better management of natural resources in urban and urbanizing areas through research, planning, design, and education." Conservation Ed packets for teachers (4-7th grade)and related books can be ordered from UWR.
The URL is:

'100 Heartbeats' Premieres November 22nd    
100 Heartbeats, the next premiere in MSNBC's Future Earth series, will tell compelling stories of some of Earth’s cherished animal species that are dangerously close to extinction. Famed naturalist Jeff Corwin focuses on survival and renewal of creatures large and small, not extinction.
The URL is:

Year of the Frog Awareness and Action Project    
One-third of amphibian species are currently endangered. Join the Amphibian Project and Amphibian Ark in celebrating 2008 as The Year of the Frog by educating your students about amphibians, their importance, and the current global crisis. You and your students can help protect amphibian species.
The URL is:

A rare look into the endangered New Zealand Brown Teal    
Information source about the critically endangered New Zealand Brown Teal. The site aims to provide quality up to date information about the species and the work going into recovering it from possible exinction.
The URL is:

Florida Panther Net    
Panther Net offers an extensive handbook covering panther history, habitat, threats to survival, and conservation efforts. You will find video, audio, advanced games, and a teachers guide to using these resources effectvely. (A project of the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission.)
The URL is:

Endangered Species - Kid's Page      
Puzzles, games, creature features, and teacher resources from US Fish and Wildlife Service.
The URL is:

Educational Web Adventures    
Interactive web adventures on endangered species.
The URL is:

Virtual Whale Watch    
A Whale Watch at your school featuring a life-size whale. Landlocked pre-K to 6th students (in Mid-Atlantic states) participate in a simulated whale watch and activities to stimulate their interest in marine science and endangered species. Features a "Kid's Page" too.
The URL is:

Hands on for Habitat!    
Hands on for Habitat! is an interactive environment consisting of Habitatia, a social village surrounded by habitats, where participants show up as threatened species of their choice. Participants can visit the various habitats and social rooms, "talk" to each other, or become involved in debates in the Supreme Court of End. Species on the Brink. From Environment Australia. Requires software.
The URL is:

Global Trees Campaign    
The Global Trees Campaign Web site serves as an online conduit for information about endangered tree species. Site features various tree profiles, a resources database with information on close to 7,300 tree species, a list of suggested readings (including several available as PDFs, and a section detailing global initiatives.
The URL is:

Endangered Species      
A collection of information about endangered species including the full text of the Endangered Species Act, factsheets on many Endangered Species, searchable databases, current articles and related activities.
The URL is:

Monkey Puzzle: Ecology and Education    
Teaching materials for primary schools (ages 7-14)and technical and bibliographic background information for teachers available for viewing online or download (in word). Topics covered include: biodiversity, interconnectivity and ecosystem stability. Links to related organizations within the UK are also provided.
The URL is:

MEDASSET - the Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles, is an International Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in 1988, working exclusively on the conservation of sea turtles and their habitats through scientific research programmes, environmental education, political liaison, publicity and public awareness throughout the Mediterranean.
The URL is:

Whooping Crane    
Educational website connects to an extensive selection of lessons, activities & information, facts about Whooping Cranes in question/answer format. Users can also connect to highlights from the Year 3 Reintroduction & Migration including maps, video clips, & photos.
The URL is:

TENAN: The ENdangered ANimals of the World    
Students and teachers worldwide conduct research (online)on endangered animals and post their findings on the Web.
The URL is:

Manatee & Dugong Research, Education, & Conservation    
Comprehensive Manatee and Dugong educational website. Provides detailed descriptions and links to all four endangered seacow species and an extensive bibliography and archived professional newsletter. Save an endangered species, visit an orphan manatee, adopt a manatee or dugong ambassador.
The URL is:

Access Indiana's Teaching and Learning Center      
AILC links to information about animals, endangered species, guides to zoos, literature, animal rights, biology and related K-12 lesson plans for teachers.
The URL is:

World Conservation Monitoring Centre    
The World Conservation Monitoring Centre offers information services on conservation, preservation and sustainable use of the worlds' natural resources. The centre also provides consultations on developing these information systems.
The URL is:

Environmental and animal-cause related cartoons and games with the aim to educate as well

as entertain.
The URL is:

Wild Ones - Teacher Connection    
Curricula and resources for teachers to teach ages 7-14 about endangered species. A project of Wildlife Preservation Trust International.
The URL is:

Animal Trial    
Resource offers wildlife animal pictures with general facts. Covers animals ranging from North and South America, Europe, and Africa.
The URL is:

Environment Australia: Endangered Species Program      
Resources and information about endangered species in Australia including conservation action plans, species fact sheets and a green kids guide.
The URL is:

Project E-SCAPE, Environmental Science Coalition involving Animals through Public Educatio    
The E-SCAPE Project consists of four cornerstones and one auxiliary program targeting selected groups. These programs are E-Teach, E-Tech, E-Venture, E-Search, and E-Camp. Curriculum and Activities emphasize multi-disciplinary field-based research projects; specialization's in applied technologies, biology, conservation, endangered or threatened species and wild land interpretation.
The URL is:

All About Nature: Animal Printouts      
Site contains information and pictures of hundreds of animals. Print out label or copy & paste into "paint" program. Use the searchable database or alphabical listing.
The URL is:

EPA Explorer's Club      
The EPA Explorer's Club is designed like a clubhouse with various rooms. Filled with educational activities in the art room, game room, science room, and pages where kids learn about air, water, garbage & recycling, plants, and animals.
The URL is:

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