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Links listed below on this page are for general activities and materials that address multiple topics.

Other classroom resources are listed by subject area:

Air & Climate | Arts Based | Biodiversity | Consumption & Lifestyle | Correlated to Learning Standards | Downloadable | Earth Day | Endangered Species | Energy & Transportation | Flowing Waters | Forestry & Agriculture | General |Geography | Groundwater | Interactive | Marine | Multicultural | Population | Prairie | Rainforests | Schoolyard Ecology | Soils | Solid Waste | Sustainable Development |Toxic Waste & Risk | Urban & Built Environments | Water | Wetlands | Wildlife

Also available:
Lesson Plans | Audiovisual & Software | Catalogs of EE Materials | Educacion Ambiental en Espanol

Green Teacher Magazine      
Magazine by and for educators to enhance environmental and global education across curricula at all grade levels (K-12). Selected articles and activities, as well as subscriptions can be accessed online. Developed in Canada by Tim Grant and Gail Littlejohn.
The URL is:

Let's Save Our Earth (Board Game)    
A fun and eductional game that teaches simple things each of us can do to help the Earth. Great education tool for children ages 8 and older. Developed by Eco-Angels Enterprises.
The URL is:

National Biological Information Infrastructure: Education    
The NBII: Education, a USGS-led initiative, is a gateway to biological information on the Web. Provides teachers, students, and parents with references, resources, activities, projects, experiments, and curricula that support the teaching of biology, biodiversity, and ecology at K-12 and undergraduate levels.
The URL is:

Growing Up WILD- 2nd Edition Now Available    
Growing Up WILD is the Council for Environmental Educationís new and much anticipated early childhood activity guide and training program for building school readiness skills through nature exploration. Designed for educators of children ages 3-7, Growing Up WILD builds on childrenís sense of wonder about nature through outdoor exploration. The 27 field-tested activities provide an early foundation for developing positive impressions about nature and lifelong social and academic skills.
The URL is:

Center for Environmental Education (CEE Online)      
Integrating EE into all aspects of the K-12 experience. Teachers and students around the world can access reviews of EE curriculum, find reliable reference information on environmentally HOT Topics, read about current innovative EE projects and how to fund new initiatives (Grapevine), read profiles of schools going green, and find resources for bringing sustainability to campus (Educating for Sustainability).
The URL is:

Pennies for the Planet    
Pennies for the Planet is a nationwide campaign that taps into the amazing power of kids to help critical conservation projects. For the last several years, kids have helped save wild places and wildlife in the United States and around the world. This campaign is created to promote conservation action and support current and future environmental leaders. Materials including a full color poster and educatorís guide, a newsletter for kids, and a participation form with incentives and awards are available for download from the Web site for classroom or at-home use.
The URL is:

Aldo Leopold Collection Now on Encyclopedia of Earth    
In a collaborative effort between the Encyclopedia of Earth and the Aldo Leopold Foundation, the new collection on Aldo Leopold, one of the most important figures in ecology and conservation in 20th century America, is now online. The collection provides readers with a sense of who Aldo Leopold was and the broad range of his continuing influence in many fields, including conservation, wildlife ecology, wilderness preservation, agriculture, environmental ethics, and public policy.
The URL is:

The Encyclopedia of Earth    
The "Encyclopedia of Earth" is an electronic reference about the Earth, its natural environments, and their interaction with society, provides a searchable database of articles written by experts whose goal is to make this Web site "the largest reliable information resource on the environment in history."
The URL is:

Teens for Planet Earth    
A unique program developed by the Wildlife Conservation Society, supports teens (ages 14-17) and teen leaders/educators as they carry out environmental service-learning projects. The Web site provides a resource library, news articles, and a Take Action section.
The URL is:

Earth System Science Educational Resources      
A compilation of reviewed and annotated sites providing on-line learning activites, interactive environmental data, and resources for teachers and students (K-12). Sponsored by Penn State University.
The URL is:

Generation Earth Action Kits    
These action kits are step-by-step resources designed to help students, teachers and youth organizations begin hands-on environmental programs. Includes downloadable student campus waste stream audit and environmental action project workbooks. From the LA County Department of Public Works.

The URL is:

Teacher Created Materials      
Teacher Created Materials publishes "Endangered Species" (Hands-On Minds-On Science Series)

This book is full of hands-on activities to stimulate young minds about endangered species. Valuable teacher information about the scientific method, science-process skills, unit organization, and curriculum connections is provided as well as background information for each group of activities.
The URL is:

Environmental Education for Young People    
A variety of environmental education programs for schools and other educational institutions(K-12). All programs are supported with materials useful for planning follow-up activities.
The URL is:

USDA Forest Service - Students    
Conservation Education programs Curricular Resources.
The URL is:

Enchanted Learning    
Site for young children (K-5), featuring educational web sites such as "Animal Printouts" with hundreds of animal labels and information, games, "Zoom School", "Zoom Rainforest", "Zoom Sharks", projects, and "What's New This Week".
The URL is:

Auntie Litter is Anti-Litter!    
Through the character of "Auntie Litter" and comprehensive teaching strategies and tools, young people learn the importance of living in a clean and healthy environment. Through books, play, and music children learn to conserve natural resources, eliminate litter, and practice the new 3 R's - reuse, reduce waste, and recycle. From Auntie Litter, Inc., a non-profit organization.
The URL is:

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality    
This site provides something for everyone...from games for children, environmental information for students, career development opportunities and teaching materials for teachers, information on hazardous waste disposal, and environmental household practices for the general public.
The URL is: - Environment Feature    
Cross-curricular, interactive activities about water pollution, recycling and air quality. Originally designed to support's Earth Day contest. Check out the four elements: Earth, Air, Water, Space. Each contains many fun and educational activities all about the environment of the earth we call home.
The URL is:

Educating For a Sustainable Community    
"The hands-on interpretive approach of the book is designed to heighten readersí awareness, enhance their capacity to enjoy the beauty surrounding them, and develop a sense of social and environmental stewardship." Albuquerque's Environmental Story. Process manual available for download in PDF or MS Word formats.
The URL is:

National Park Service NatureNet    
A unique multi-media connection to our natural resources including air quality in protected parks; biology (wildlife and plants); geological resources; social science information and links (people and parks); and water resources in parks. The site includes info about data/science, partnerships, education, and publications.
The URL is:

Woodsy Owl Activity Guide    
The USDA Forest Service has developed 12 activities designed to help children ages 5 to 8 become more aware of the natural environment and fundamental conservation principles. Teacher's guide available on line, the activity guide must be ordered. Correlated to National Science Education Standards.
The URL is:

Science education activities on "Science in personal and social perspective," primarily on environmental topics. Contributed by teachers, mainly for secondary level and up, activities are reviewed for scientific accuracy, peer reviewed for content and organized according to the Content Standards of the National Science Education Standards (NSES).
The URL is:

Bill Moyers Reports: Earth On Edge    
Journalist Bill Moyers travels the globe to report on the impact of the human species on Earth, probing two of the most critical questions of the new century: What is happening to Earth's capacity to support the human species and civilization? And, what can we do about it? A related education and outreach program is being directed by WRI.
The URL is:

Bureau of Land Management EE Home      
Information about "teacher-tested environmental education resources, as well as monthly features on field environmental education programs and tools, and special features on resource professions, educational events, and opportunities" from the BLM. Selected resources reviewed by the National Project for Excellence in EE.
The URL is:

CERES: EE Resources    
EE activities, information, and literature organized by discipline (Natural Science, Performing Arts, etc), with sections for teachers and students. Developed by California Environmental Resources Evaluation System (CERES), a project of the California Resources Agency.
The URL is:

Planet first 2000    
Site provides info on easy, practical ways individuals can take conservation and environmentally aware actions in their own environment. Links to other environmental sites and news publications.
The URL is:

BlackRhinoceros collects on one site hundreds of environmental 'Alerts' which activists can respond to via the web. Its six categories are: Biodiversity (including endangered species), conservation, energy, environmental justice, habitat and pollution.
The URL is:

National Wildlife Federation: Animal Tracks On-line      
Information for youth groups and teachers' guides to activities (downloadable). Subjects are divided into five major topic areas: Air, Habitat, People and the Environment, Wildlife and Endangered Species and Water. Many activities are from Ranger Rick and NatureScope. Selected resources have been reviewed by the National Project for Excellence in EE.
The URL is:

Explore Sustainable Development    
The Development Education Program (DEP) designs tools and resources to help teachers and students, principally at the secondary school level, study -- and think critically about -- the often complex social, economic, and environmental issues of sustainable development affecting their countries, their regions, and the world. Modules on:*Population Growth *GNP per Capita and *Access to Safe Water.
The URL is:

Rocky Mountain National Park - Heart of the Rockies    
Rocky Mountain National Park's Environmental Education Program. Features information about visiting the Park, natural resource research, school visits and the Heart of the Rockies Teacher Activity Guides (K-9).
The URL is:

SEEK (Sharing Environmental Education Knowledge)      
Minnesota's Interactive Directory of Environmental Education Resources. The SEEK directory is a clearinghouse for all types of environmental education resources including articles, lesson plans, events, performances and displays.
The URL is:

Environmental Earth Science    
A detailed account of Lewis Mills (CT) High School's earth science course that uses the management of the environment as a basis for learning Earth Science principles and skills. Lesson plans, research materials and learning objectives can be accessed online.
The URL is:

Restoration in the Barrens    
A support site for classroom use of the novel, "Restoration in the Barrens," by Joe Riederer. Resource links and downloadable (text file) classroom resources include a list of related curricula, chapter notes and reference books.
The URL is:

Earth Day Every Day      
Sponsored by The Wilderness Society, this site explains the history of Earth Day and the conservation movement and has information on migratory birds and Wilderness areas in North America.
The URL is:

Natural Wonders    
Natural Wonders was written especially for environmental educators and naturalists who are interested in learning more about how and why young children think and act. The guidelines offered will help educators design developmentally appropriate programs and activities.
The URL is:

Environment: A Global Challenge    
This site offers information on a variety of environmental issues, laws, and philosophies, downloadable lesson plans (K-12 and higher ed), as well as interactive games, discussion groups and online tests for registered school groups.
The URL is:

Environmental Educational Materials (K-12)      
In PDF format only . Compendium includes: lesson plans and activities, computer software, videos, posters, newsletters and courses. A brief description, contact information and the target audience is available for each entry. A project of the North Central Texas Council of Governments.
The URL is:

Investigating Your Environment      
"IYE is a supplemental interdisciplinary curriculum for use in grades 6-12." Downloadable activities in PDF format on forests, wildlife, water and unique ecosystems, a project of the US Forest Service's NR Conservation Education program. Grade Level: 6-12 NPEEE Review
The URL is:

Children of the Earth United    
Learn about animals, plants, ecology, nature centers and much more. This educational site provides a forum for people of all ages to share their creative ideas and knowledge of the environment.
The URL is:

EPA Student Center      
EE actitivies, environmental information and art for students in middle and high school. Information on careers and internships, awards programs, and environmental club projects can also be found here.
The URL is:

National Wildlife Federation's Access Nature    
National Wildlife Federation's new, award-winning inclusive activity guide! Access Nature designed for students with and without disabilities, offers 45 hands-on, habitat based activities for use in formal and informal classroom environments.
The URL is:

Natural Resources - Monthly Challenges    
The SEEDS Canada Foundation offers schools

practical, hands-on experiences with environmental themes through monthly "challenges." 1,800 schools have attained green school status.
The URL is:

More Than Skin Deep, A Teachers' Guide to Caves and Groundwater    
An online teacher's guide including a variety of lesson plans, activities and informational articles about karst resources and their conservation. If you teach about caves, bats, springs, groundwater or any karst issue, this guide is worth a look. Intended for grades K -8. A project of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways.
The URL is:

Planetpals Earthzone    
PLANETPALS characters have earth friendly rhymes about the planet to read and listen to, interactive activities include: a recycle kit, card game, craft patterns, bead critters, a kids club and a creative contest. A Teacher/Parent page and Earth Day info are also available.
The URL is:

Offers a variety of interactive trail maps with trail-side photographs and GPS waypoints. Good resource for both kids and adults.
The URL is:

Sites Alive!    
Virtual field trips (grades 3-9)to rainforests, coral reefs and wetlands. Students experience and learn from student researchers around the world through travel journals, photos, questions & answers, and audio files. Teacher's guides, access to a resource center and activities are available to subscribers (Free 14 day trial). Lessons are correlated to National Standards.
The URL is:

Special Species Project    
The Special Species Project provides teachers and students a free place to post essays, art, reports, and photos describing their earth-friendly research and projects. Share what your class has done for the planet with the world. Let other students learn from your example.
The URL is:

Building Block Chemistry      
These free materials (downloadable) "outline a two-day study of building block chemistry using basic concepts and easy-to-find materials." Grades 9-12. A project of the Chlorine Chemistry Council.
The URL is:

Earth Balloon, The    
This is a 22' (6.7m) globe that students enter to learn about the earth. Resource links are provided to help teachers intergrate the balloon into lessons on ecosystems, rain forests, oceans, geology and water conservation. Available for purchase or rent from Terra Systems, Inc.
The URL is:

Terrarium Habitats      
"There are detailed instructions on setting up and maintaining the terrariums, along with concise and interesting biological information on a number of possible small organisms that can become terrarium inhabitants". A project of Great Explorations in Math and Science, Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley. Grade Level: K-6 NPEEE Review
The URL is:

Eco-Inquiry: A Guide to Ecological Learning Experiences      
"Teachers call Eco-Inquiry a "whole science" curriculum because it embeds hands-on science within thematic, multidimensional learning experiences. Three action-packed 4-7 week modules focus on food webs, decomposition, and nutrient cycling." Grade Level: 5-8 NPEEE Review
The URL is:

Provides a broad spectrum of educational Internet services to teachers, students, parents, librarians and school administrators in the K-12 educational and public library markets. Resources include: links to reference materials, lesson plans, and professional development opportunities.
The URL is:

Earth Systems Education - K-12 Science Curricula        
A K-12 science curricula that uses the planet Earth as the unifying theme. Developed by The Ohio State University and the University of Northern Colorado. Sample activities are available online, other curricular materials can be ordered (Grades 6-12). Selected resources have been reviewed by the National Project for Excellence in EE.
The URL is:

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