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Links to environmental information by topic area.

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EPA Data Finder    
EPA recently launched DataFinder, a single place to find EPA's data sources so people can better access and understand environmental information. Visit the site, suggest new content, and comment on its functionality. EPA also will use Data Finder to discover raw data that can be accessed via Data.gov, a federal site that helps people find, download, and use datasets that are generated and held by the federal government.
The URL is: http://www.epa.gov/datafinder

Earth Platform    
Environmental webplatform about earth, nature, climate and environment - Environmental Search Engine.
The URL is: http://www.earthplatform.com

Environment for Beginners    
Site created to help people understand the different aspects of pollution and its consequences. Articles and news items added weekly, with ability to comment.

The URL is: http://www.environmentforbeginners.com

The Encyclopedia of Earth    
The "Encyclopedia of Earth" is an electronic reference about the Earth, its natural environments, and their interaction with society, provides a searchable database of articles written by experts whose goal is to make this Web site "the largest reliable information resource on the environment in history."
The URL is: http://www.eoearth.org/

Earth Portal    
Looking for environmental news, science-based information, and debate? Earth Portal is a new expert-driven Web site with three main components: Encyclopedia of Earth, EarthForum, and EarthNews.
The URL is: http://earthportal.org

Environmental Directory    
Encompassing environmental groups, organizations, agencies and companies. Categories include environmental health, biodiversity, air quality, global change, environmental education, environmental law, hazardous waste.
The URL is: http://www.agricultureb2b.com/biz/e/Environment/

Great Lakes Radio Consortium    
The Great Lakes Radio Consortium produces weekly environmental stories about the Great Lakes Region. The stories are available in Real Audio format, and are searchable by topic.
The URL is: http://www.glrc.org/

Intercoastal Guide    
A search engine for natural Resources such as natural resources associations, conservation,

endangered species, environmental legislation, environmental education, natural resources government agencies, and wetlands.
The URL is: http://www.intercoastalguide.com/

Home*A*Syst: Environmental Risk Assessment    
"Home*A*Syst is a cooperative effort between federal, state and local agencies to raise awareness of pollution risks and provide recommendations for taking positive action to prevent pollution." Online checklist helps users determine which topics in the Assessment Guide might be most applicable.
The URL is: http://www.wisc.edu/farmasyst/

Net World Project    
An extensive network of environmental information, tips, computer resources, free software and more. Also includes local resources in the Massachusetts area.
The URL is: http://www.green-networld.com/networld.htm

International Community for Ecopsychology (ICE)    
ICE is an international, interdisciplinary virtual community devoted to reflecting on the questions which arise from an ecopsychological viewpoint. The site features a new web magazine/journal as well as recommend links, books, and coming events related to ecopsychology and related topics.
The URL is: http://www.ecopsychology.org/

Illinois Department of Natural Resources Clearinghouse    
Contains information and materials about Illinois forests and other natural resources. Topics include Habitat Conservation (several forest brochures & manuals), Nuisance Wildlife, Teacher Resources, and Plants and Animals.

The URL is: http://www.inhs.uiuc.edu/dnr/fur/resources.html

Earth System Science Educational Resources      
A compilation of reviewed and annotated sites providing on-line learning activites, interactive environmental data, and resources for teachers and students (K-12). Sponsored by Penn State University.
The URL is: http://www.essc.psu.edu/

Ecology Hall of Fame    
A Project of EcoTopia/USA: Dedicated to the heroes of the American environmental movement.

The URL is: http://www.ecotopia.org/ehof/

Marah International    
Marah International is a non-profit organization that provides environmental and earth education programs and assistance for the general public, with a particular interest in churches and related ministries.
The URL is: http://www.marah.org

National Environmental Directory    
The National Environmental Directory, a directory of more than 13,000 organizations in the United States concerned with environmental issues and environmental education.
The URL is: http://environmentaldirectory.net/default.htm

This site offers online searchable field guides to over 4,800 plant and animal species. The database is keyword-searchable by group (mammals, amphibians, fishes, trees, etc.) or browseable within subheadings for each group. Also includes Habitat Guides, news features, and tips for teachers.
The URL is: http://www.enature.com/

National Geographic - Earthpulse    
Discover more about our imperiled habitat and take an eye-opening, online assessment of the state of the planet. Features Virtual Worlds of the Rain Forest at Night, Urban Sprawl, Monterey Bay Kelp Forest, Great Barrier Reef, the Columbia River plus the conservation themes Oceans & Fresh Water, Climate, Energy, and more.
The URL is: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/earthpulse/

National Geographic - Wild World    
WildWorld offers a generous selection of interactive maps that pinpoint the Earth's richest and most endangered natural regions.

Teachers may chalk up on the Educator's Guide which offers lesson plans and activities that teach kids, the next generation of planetary caretakers, more about Earth.
The URL is: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/wildworld/

Illinois Department of Natural Resources - Education    
A great site for teachers with links to educational materials and information on what is available for teachers from the Department of Natural Resources.

The URL is: http://www.dnr.state.il.us/lands/education/index.h...

U. S. Environmental Directories    
The site primarily consists of "The Directory of Environmental Web Sites On The Internet, On-line Micro Edition" an abbreviated version of the book. Also, provides ordering information.
The URL is: http://www.geocities.com/usenvironmentaldirectorie...

Enviroinfo: Environmental Information Sources      
EnviroInfo is a compilation of useful Internet resources to Environmental Science and Technology. This site maintains information on organizations, business, publications, online databases and software, research and education.
The URL is: http://www.deb.uminho.pt/fontes/enviroinfo/

Earth Council    
Earth Council is an Environmental Education site with articles on ecology, animal behavior, and environmental issues. The information is free. There is also a resource page for other sites relating to the environment and animals. There are also inspirational pages and articles for thought.
The URL is: http://www.earthcouncil.net

Lehigh Earth Observatory's Envirosci Inquiry    
EnviroSci Inquiry enables teachers, students, and the public to learn about environmental science content knowledge from Lehigh University

LEO scientists and interns. Curricular activities emphasize student-directed scientific discovery of their local environment.
The URL is: http://www.leo.lehigh.edu/envirosci/

Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center    
"A non-profit organization that is the Northwest’s leading source of high quality, unbiased pollution prevention information. PPRC works collaboratively with business, government, non-government organizations, and other sectors to promote environmental protection through pollution prevention." Access newsletters, reports, factsheets, workbooks, and regional P2 roundtable reports online.
The URL is: http://www.pprc.org/

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality    
This site provides something for everyone...from games for children, environmental information for students, career development opportunities and teaching materials for teachers, information on hazardous waste disposal, and environmental household practices for the general public.
The URL is: http://www.michigan.gov/deq

National Park Service NatureNet    
A unique multi-media connection to our natural resources including air quality in protected parks; biology (wildlife and plants); geological resources; social science information and links (people and parks); and water resources in parks. The site includes info about data/science, partnerships, education, and publications.
The URL is: http://www.nature.nps.gov/

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service    
The Fish and Wildlife service works to conserve, protect, and enhance fish, wildlife, and plants and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people. The site has information on Endangered Species, Wetlands, Wildlife Refuges, Migratory Birds, and more.
The URL is: http://www.fws.gov/

National Library for the Environment    
Issues covered include global climate change, population and environment, ocean and coastal resources, and biodiversity. The site also accesses environmental virtual libraries and Congressional research reports. A project of the National Council for Science and the Environment.
The URL is: http://www.ncseonline.org/index.cfm?&CFID=6146570&...

Environmental Information Resources (EIR)    
Environmental Education Programs & Campus Ecology Initiatives, a service provided by The George Washington University Institute in partnership with the U.S. EPA. The site provides access to information and resources relating to environmental topics throughout the globe.
The URL is: http://www.gwu.edu/~greenu/edu.html

GreenWorks.tv is an interactive multimedia network of environmental programming. Through streaming videos, audio files, and a network of links to help users explore issues further by illustrating the different ways people are working to preserve and protect the environment. A project of the Environmental Fund for Pennsylvania.
The URL is: http://www.greentreks.org/

Arc Data Online - GIS Data Maps      
Select data by geographic area, data type (includes environmental and demographic data) or data provider and create GIS maps online or download ArcExplorer (FREE), a lightweight GIS data explorer developed by ESRI.
The URL is: http://www.geographynetwork.com/index.html

CERES: EE Resources    
EE activities, information, and literature organized by discipline (Natural Science, Performing Arts, etc), with sections for teachers and students. Developed by California Environmental Resources Evaluation System (CERES), a project of the California Resources Agency.
The URL is: http://ceres.ca.gov/education/eweb.html

A research tool for environmentalists and wildlife biologists. Organizes thousands of environmental web sites into a searchable, user-friendly database. Translation buttons allow for translation of the site (and external sites) into any of six different languages. Follow the Lynx to a world of environmental ideas!
The URL is: http://www.EcoLynx.com/

Environmental Score Cards - Legislator's Records    
How does your representative or senator vote on environmental issues? Find a quick summary for

each legislator, and details on environmental legislation. From the League of Conservation Voters.
The URL is: http://www.capwiz.com/lcv/dbq/officials/

Nature's Numbers: Expanding the National Economic Accounts to Include the Environment    
"How should our national economic accounts recognize the increasing interest in and importance of the environment? 'Nature's Numbers' recommends how to incorporate environmental and other non-market measures into the nation's income and product accounts." Ordering information from the Academy Press as well as a searchable index of the book.
The URL is: http://books.nap.edu/catalog/6374.html

Environmental Expert.com    
A Web-based Information Marketplace to provide professionals with high quality environmental expertise. Services offered: Publications, Software, Web Directory, Events, Articles, Jobs, News, Free Software and Consulting.
The URL is: http://www.environmental-expert.com/

World Resources Institute -Environmental Education Project    
WRI's Environmental Education project includes data on global trends, WRI's learning software, Datascape, internet based resources, and biodiversity education. Selected activities are available online.

The URL is: http://earthtrends.wri.org/miscell/aboutus.cfm?the...

Electric Eclectic    
Nature and environmental links for writers and lovers of words and language.
The URL is: http://bloxword.ca/animal.htm

Environmental Education Station    
Following their designated paths, students choose among a variety of pages on the hottest environmental topics, and teachers encounter a nice collection of course syllabi and suggested reading materials. A public domain photo library provides royalty-free pictures. The project is maintained at Centre College with funding from the Rasmussen Foundation and the Associated Colleges of the South.
The URL is: http://web.centre.edu/enviro

Environmental Working Group    
This site has a lot of useful information and has been used during COngressional Hearings on conservation minded farm legislation, when asked for information the testifying committee members told the rest of congress to "just look at the website!" repeatedly. The information on mercury in the environment is excellent as is all of the material.
The URL is: http://www.ewg.org/

Digital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE)    
A community-led, NSF-funded effort to promote access to high-quality resources for teaching and learning about the Earth. Now in its fourth year, DLESE provides access to over 5,000 educational resources. These resources include a variety of formats, from text-based lesson plans and field trip guides to sophisticated tools for visualization of scientific data.
The URL is: http://www.dlese.org/

Philosophy Research Base - Ecological Philosophy    
The Philosophy Research Base, categorized by history, subject and author, features thousands of annotated resources for research and teaching. This meta-directory includes extensive sections on environmental issues and ethics.
The URL is: http://www.erraticimpact.com/~ecologic

National Geographic News    
Stories as well as in-depth features from National Geographic, in partnership with Environmental News Network. (K-12)

The URL is: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/

Sunshine Environment Link    
Collection of links on a variety of environmental topics including news, innovations, research, policy, ethics and education. The Sunshine

Environment Link also includes news letters and bi-weekly articles on environment information.
The URL is: http://www.thesunshineenvironmentlink.org

GIS for Schools and Libraries    
Information on GIS technology ranging from the basics of how it works, how to access data sets, to web links to projects and schools that are using GIS in the classroom to enhance environmental education. Developed by Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI).
The URL is: http://www.esri.com/industries/k-12/

What's Up in the Environment?    
Companion Web site to the public television program, What's Up in the Environment?, aimed at promoting environmental literacy among young people. Learn about land, air, water and energy; profiles of environmental pros; classroom projects; teacher’s guide; video clips; mentoring project, and how to order the video.

The URL is: http://www.thirteen.org/edonline/wue/

Web site designed to assist geologists and teachers, comprised of over 50 individual web pages, links to global geological sites, and original articles images and figures.
The URL is: http://www.geologyshop.co.uk/

Days in the Country    
An environmental education resource teaching awareness and conservation, for children, teachers and parents
The URL is: http://www.ditc-eef.org/

Project Nature Connect    
"A sensory ecology educational program. It helps produce self-improvement that meets the manifest of the United Nations for peace, environmental balance, and social justice." Resources include:

online nature-connected psychology courses, internships, degree programs, and related book links.
The URL is: http://www.ecopsych.com/homepage.html

National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII)    
"The NBII is an electronic gateway to biological data and information maintained by federal, state, and local government agencies; private sector organizations; and other partners around the nation and the world." Topics include biodiversity, amphibian decline, invasive species and educational links (K-college).
The URL is: http://www.nbii.gov/index.html

RadiKahl Environment    
"Global Thoughts and Local Action: Environmental Action Helping You Act Locally to Protect Your Environment" Includes information on reducing junk mail, avoiding PVC, current news and SF Bay area activism.
The URL is: http://www.kahl.net/eco/

World Wildlife Fund Global Network    
Links to news articles, updates on international conservation efforts, fact sheets, and a video library (requires RealPlayer G2). Also available in Spanish and French.
The URL is: http://www.panda.org/

Environment: A Global Challenge    
This site offers information on a variety of environmental issues, laws, and philosophies, downloadable lesson plans (K-12 and higher ed), as well as interactive games, discussion groups and online tests for registered school groups.
The URL is: http://library.thinkquest.org/26026/

What is ERIC?    
Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) description of services, mission, etc. A publication from EETAP Resource Library. In pdf format.
The URL is: http://eelink.net/eetap/info41.pdf

EnviroFacts Information Sheets    
West Virginia Division of Environmental Protection - fact sheets on environmental issues relevant to WV and an "Enviro-Quiz."
The URL is: http://www.epa.gov/enviro/

An online resource for information on the status of the earth’s species and ecosystems (air, earth, water, plants, animals, trees, people) as well as efforts underway planet-wide to preserve and restore these species and ecosystems.
The URL is: http://www.ecoworld.com/

Griffith ECOHOT line    
An Australian site with "guidelines for students and teachers on using the World Wide Web when researching and teaching environmental topics." Includes many useful links, although the unique feature of this site is the ideas concerning evaluation of Internet sources. Provided by Griffith University.
The URL is: http://www.ens.gu.edu.au/ciree/ECOHOT/

"A vertical portal for the Enviromental Industries designed and built by KMP Internet Solutions. The aim is to create a single point of information for the international environmental community, offering up-to-date and relevant information and support to environmentally

concerned people and organisations the world over."
The URL is: http://www.envirospace.com/

National Council for Science and the Environment    
The library addresses the need for objective, scientifically sound information on environmental issues. It will eventually include three on-line components: Congressional Research Service reports; an "encyclopedia" of the environment; In-depth issues on the environment.

The URL is: http://www.ncseonline.org/nle/index.cfm?&CFID=1262...

Environmental Yellow Pages    
The Environmental Industry's Worldwide Telephone Directory. Searchable by state or country, provides links to associations, government agencies, education, sustainability and more.
The URL is: http://www.enviroyellowpages.com/

Earth Vision    
A collection of environmental news stories arranged by topic (business/technology, sustainability, education, advocacy/policy and recreation).
The URL is: http://www.earthvision.net/

Science.gov, a website gateway to science and technology information, is a collaboration of ten federal science agencies. Site provides government-funded research and science resources such as environment & environmental quality.
The URL is: http://www.science.gov

Using GIS to Support Sustainable Development Education    
This article by Noah Fields, The Concord Consortium (Winter 1999), describes how "students are using GIS tools to better understand sustainable development."
The URL is: http://www.concord.org/library/1999winter/gis.html

Pace Virtual Environmental Law Library    
Library of environmental law on the Internet by Pace University School of Law. Includes databases and links to sites with the full-text of national and international environmental laws. Requires membership.
The URL is: http://esweb.bna.com/cgi-bin/om_isapi.dll//es_menu...

Reuters 'World Environment News' at Planet Ark    
The Planet Ark site hosts a daily 'World Environment News' service from the Reuters News Agency. It also has nearly 6,000 environmental news stories that kids and teachers can search through by topic and free Planet Ark software.

The site also contains free downloadable environmental education software and a daily environmental news e-mail service.
The URL is: http://www.planetark.org/index.cfm

My Academic Only Home Page.com - Where Student Meets Academe    
Kid safe, no nonsense, searchable, translatable site loaded with all manner of academic information from 'Home School' to 'Grad School'. Environmental links A - Z, international links, and news.
The URL is: http://www.myacademiconlyhomepage.com

Earth 911    
Earth 911 is a public and private sector partnership that was founded in 1991. It is operated by E2C, Engaging & Empowering Citizenship, which provides the public with free "call-to-action" awareness programs. Through

Earth 911, environmental information and resources are offered by thousands of local authorities and made available to all communities and citizens of all ages throughout North America. Topics include Recycling, Household

Hazardous Waste, Beach Water Quality, Water Conservation, Air, Energy, a Kid's/Education area and more.
The URL is: http://www.earth911.org/master.asp

Information for Action    
An easy to use automated lobbying service; an educational resource on environmental issues; an entertaining and educational quiz; articles, maps and guides on the environment and how you can help, as well as song lyrics, music video, free music downloads and Health Website
The URL is: http://www.informaction.org

Green Pages - The Global Directory for Environmental Technology    
Comprehensive guide to the full spectrum of environmental products & services, featuring 7,000 leading suppliers from 145 countries. Information about organisations, conferences and publications is complemented by editorial contributions from distinguished experts in their respective fields.
The URL is: http://www.eco-web.com

Provides a broad spectrum of educational Internet services to teachers, students, parents, librarians and school administrators in the K-12 educational and public library markets. Resources include: links to reference materials, lesson plans, and professional development opportunities.
The URL is: http://www.bigchalk.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/WOPorta...

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