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PreK-12 FREE Lesson Plans made available online at no cost from various individual companies or organizations.

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    Other educator resources include: Audiovisual and Software pages and the Classroom Resources - Directories page for directories and databases of EE curricula and resources.

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    What Do Cell Phones & Gorillas Have in Common?    
    Check out this episode of "Today's Green Minute" with Jim Parks. Learn how cell phone recycling can help reduce the impact of mining operations that threaten lowland gorillas.
    The URL is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7Yj4iXFgeM

    TerraCycle and the Eco-Capitalist    
    Earn money by recycling. Terracycle buys plastic wraps, candy wrappers, and a whole slew of plastic containers from groups, schools, and fundraisers, to reuse for their business. They make everything they sell out of trash!

    Check out their story >>

    The Eco-Capitalist blog from Tom Szaky, the CEO of TerraCycle, who writes about driving up business profits by being environmentally and socially responsible. Read more >>
    The URL is: http://www.terracycle.net

    HippoWorks Helps Teach Kids about Global Warming    
    HippoWorks.com has just produced a new 12-part cartoon series "One by One, Ton by Ton, Let's Stop Global Warming!" to help teach kids about this important environmental issue and what they can do to stop it. A new episode will air every week.

    As an educational tool for teachers, each episode concludes with questions and a glossary for a follow-up classroom discussion. Previous cartoons from Hippo Works have promoted energy conservation, awareness about animal extinction, and green living. The weekly cartoonlets are a free offering, for subscribers or for your Web site!
    The URL is: http://www.hippoworks.com/

    Edutopia Issue Devoted to EE    
    The October 10, 2007 issue of Edutopia "Go Green 2007: Education for the Ecosystem" is devoted to environmental education. Search the Go Green resource database by topic for activities such as field trips or lesson plans by grade-level. Learn about schools involved in innovative learning projects on cool schools and sustainable schoolyard design. Read the articles on EE activities happening in and out of the classroom.
    The URL is: http://www.edutopia.org/go-green-2007

    Free EE Publication and CD    
    Read about schools that have raised test scores of their students by using the environment to help teach content. EETAP is offering the publication "Advancing Education Through Environmental Literacy" along with the accompanying CD "Teaching Standards Naturally" at no cost. The publication focuses on how education and the environment can be linked to advance student learning. The CD provides a sampler to 43 free EE activities linked to different grade levels. Booklet and CD produced by EETAP and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD).
    The URL is: http://eetap.org/html/free_booklet_cd.php

    NASA Gives Kids Their Own Guide to Climate Change    
    NASA¹s new Climate Kids Web site, targeting grades 4-6, de-mystifies global climate change science using simple illustrations, humor, interactivity, and age-appropriate language. The interactive Climate Time Machine shows how global changes affect our planet over time. Animated feature "Climate Tales" follows a quirky polar bear and monkey as they cope with climate change and humans. Games deliver fun and climate science concepts. Career role models give kids ideas to help build a greener future.
    The URL is: http://climate.nasa.gov/kids

    PLT's Early Childhood Guide Wins Award    
    Project Learning Tree's Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood has been selected a Learning ® Magazine 2011 Teachers’ ChoiceSM Award winner. Designed for educators who work with children ages 3 to 6, PLT’s Early Childhood Guide and CD offers 130 experiences to engage children in outdoor exploration and play using their senses, seasons, and neighborhood trees. Since it was published in February, over 15,000 copies have been distributed to early childhood educators across the country through PLT professional development workshops.
    The URL is: http://www.plt.org/cms/pages/21_21_259.html

    Buy, Use, Toss?    
    Buy, Use, Toss? A Closer Look at the Things We Buy, is a free interdisciplinary curriculum unit from Facing the Future that leads students through an exploration of the system of producing and consuming goods that is called the materials economy. Students learn about the five major steps of the materials economy (Extraction, Production, Distribution, Consumption, and Disposal) and are asked to analyze the sustainability of these steps to determine how consumption can benefit people, economies, and environments.
    The URL is: http://www.facingthefuture.org/Curriculum/BuyUseTo...

    Take Your Students on this Electronic Field Trip to North Cascades National Park    
    On October 13, 2010, the National Park Foundation's Electronic Field Trip series will broadcast from North Cascades National Park to teach 4th to 8th grade students around the country about climate change. This will be the first Electronic Field Trip broadcast from a park in Washington State and the first focused on the planet's changing climate. With its northerly location and high elevation, North Cascades National Park is already experiencing melting glaciers and loss of species. As a result of its efforts to understand and address climate change with science, management, and education, the park has a great deal to teach to students about natural areas and their own lives.

    Educators and students can take advantage of the program by registering for free to watch the show premiere. They will also have access to a companion Web site, launching September 1, 2010, that features downloadable lesson plans and online activities to enhance the learning experience.
    The URL is: http://www.nationalparks.org/eft

    ACE Multimedia Presentations for High Schools on Climate Change    
    Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) delivers in-person, science-based, multimedia presentations on climate change, to educate and inspire students to take action. These presentations are free for schools and available in an assembly format (45-60 minutes). ACE educators are in nine regions nationwide: Greater Bay Area (including Sacramento/Sierras), New England, greater LA, Houston, Austin, Chicago, Denver, DC, Atlanta, and NYC/NJ metropolitan areas.

    After the assembly, ACE Educators kick-start student Action Teams (environmental clubs) at their schools, grants, scholarships, climate action toolkits, online communities, and more.
    The URL is: http://www.acespace.org/teachers

    Free Consumption and Product Lifecycle Unit    
    Students are surrounded by “stuff” – from blue jeans to the latest cell phone – in their everyday lives. Pique your students’ natural interest in stuff with interdisciplinary, standards-aligned lessons that will build 21st century skills and engage them in a high-interest and relevant real-world topic. Buy, Use, Toss? A Closer Look at the Things We Buy is a free, two-week unit on consumption and product lifecycles.

    Download this entire unit at:
    The URL is: http://bit.ly/dzbi2P

    What You Don’t Know About Oil Spills (9th-12th grade)    
    National Geographic in partnership with Shell

    Students learn new information about oil spills by testing their knowledge in the form of this online quiz.

    The URL is: http://environment.nationalgeographic.com/environm...

    Free Worksheets For Teachers    
    Teachnology offers over 8,000 free printable K-12 teacher worksheets and resources for reinforcement and review to use and distribute for educational purposes, as long as the copyright and footer information are left intact. Check site regularly, as new resources are frequently added. Look for an additional 2,000 worksheets in the coming months.
    The URL is: http://www.teach-nology.com/worksheets/

    Tox Town (all grades)    
    National Library of Medicine

    This is an interactive site where students can explore the impact of different toxins on their home environment. Students can explore the site to watch colorful, animated representations of toxic chemicals infiltrating their home or school environment (city, farm, port, or town).

    The URL is: http://www.toxtown.nlm.nih.gov/text_version/neighb...

    The Gulf Oil Spill in the Classroom (all grades)    
    The New York Times

    While this page does not include any specific lesson plans, it makes a good reference for teachers who would like to discuss the BP oil spill in class. The NY Times provides links to an interactive map to track the progression of the oil spill, as well as short articles for students to read.
    The URL is: http://learning.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/05/28/the-g...

    The Drill on the Spill: Learning About the Gulf Leak in the Lab (9th- 12th grade)    
    The Learning Network, New York Times

    In this lesson, students read and discuss the chain of events connected to the BP oil spill and clean up attempts in the Gulf of Mexico. Students then design their own experiment, asking and answering questions concerning possible clean up options or environmental/ economic repercussions.

    The URL is: http://learning.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/05/05/the-d...

    Oil Spill Solutions Activity (7th grade – 12th grade)    
    eGFI, American Society for Engineering Education

    In this lesson students first work in teams to analyze an oil spill in class and then work on ways to contain the spill and remove the oil from the water.
    The URL is: http://teachers.egfi-k12.org/lesson-plan-oil-spill...

    Goo Be Gone: Cleaning Up Oil Spills (7th grade- 12th grade)    
    Science Buddies

    Students discuss the dominating presence oil has in every day human life. Then students conduct investigations into the validity of using sorbents to clean up an oil spill.
    The URL is: http://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-fair-project...

    Drill! Baby, Drill! (7th grade- 12th grade)    
    PBS News Hour Extra

    In this lesson students examine the pros and cons of off shore oil drilling and demonstrate their knowledge by arguing in support or criticism of President Obama’s policy towards off shore drilling.
    The URL is: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/extra/teachers/lessonp...

    Smithsonian Pollution Solution Module (7th grade- 8th grade)    
    Smithsonian Education

    This series of lessons covers an overview of the origins, benefits, and properties of oil. Students watch a demonstration of what happens during an oil spill. Then they conduct an investigation into clean up methods, followed by an evaluation of the oil spill’s repercussions.

    The URL is: http://smithsonianeducation.org/educators/lesson_p...

    Oil Spill Activities (6th grade- 8th grade)    
    Gulf of Maine Research Institute

    Three lessons having to do with oil spills:

    Save the Bay

    Students watch as their teacher simulates an oil spill. Following the demonstration, groups of students race to figure out the best way to clean up the spill before it reaches land. Students then discuss their observations.


    Oil Consumption

    Students practice their math skills by calculating how many barrels of oil they and their families consume.


    How Big Is An Oil Tanker?

    Students learn about the magnitude of an oil spill by studying the size of an oil tanker.

    The URL is: http://octopus.gma.org/surfing/human/oilindex.html

    Oil Changes Everything (6th grade – 8th grade)    
    The LEAGUE- Curriculum Empowered by Learning to Give

    In this unit students learn about the origins and properties of oil as well as what humans use it for. They then confront the effects that oil has on water and wildlife. The unit concludes with a discussion of the role students may have in protecting and cleaning our waters.

    Oil, Oil Everywhere

    Students learn about where oil comes from and what we use it for. Then students witness an in class demonstration of an oil spill.


    Oil+ Water= A Mess

    Students simulate an oil spill in class. They then observe and reflect the effect that the oil spill would have on plants and animals.


    Oil+ Water+ Animals= A Real Mess

    Students simulate an oil spill’s effect on animals by dropping oil on feathers and fur specimens. Then students use various methods to try to clean the oil-stained fur and feathers.


    Oil+ Water+ Students= Knowledge

    In this lesson students create and advertising campaign using paper shopping bags. On the bags students write messages, encouraging others to advocate for legislation that will protect the environment from human caused disasters such as oil spills.

    The URL is: http://learningtogive.org/lessons/unit377/

    Classroom Activities Relating to Oil Pollution in a Marine Environment (5th grade- 12th gr    
    Australian Maritime Safety Authority

    A series of classroom activities geared towards topics of oil pollution:

    Demonstrating Oil Bioremediation

    This exercise allows students to witness the ways bacteria and microorganisms can help break down and disperse oil after an oil spill (oil bioremediation).


    Clean Up Oil Spill Excercise

    Students experiment different ways to clean up oil spills.


    Government Jurisdiction Excercise

    Students learn about the government’s responsibility in relation to off shore drilling and oil spill clean up.


    Mathematics and Oil Spills

    Students use math to understand the severity of an oil spill.

    The URL is: http://www.amsa.gov.au/Marine_Environment_Protecti...

    Slick Sea Spills (4th grade – 6th grade)    
    The Franklin Institute

    Students first discuss how oil gets into the water supply. Then, students investigate how oil affects the ocean and the organisms that live in it. Afterwards, students determine how best to attempt cleaning up an oil spill. The experiment helps students develop problem solving and critical thinking skills.
    The URL is: http://www.fi.edu/tfi/activity/earth/earth-2.html

    Oil Spill Lesson Plan (4th grade)    
    Introduction Day

    In this lesson students brainstorm what they already know about oil spills. They then discuss as a class what an oil spill is and what impact it has on the environment.


    Teams Clean Up a Mini Oil Spill

    Students simulate an oil spill in a lab setting. As part of the simulation, students experiment the best way to clean up an oil spill and record the observations and reactions.


    Discuss Lab Results

    Students discuss the results of their experiments. They then go on to discuss how their experiments relate to real life oil spills.

    The URL is: http://www.educ.drake.edu/sci_ed/elem_sci/environ/...

    Oil Spill Solutions (3rd- 12th grade)    
    Try Engineering

    This lesson challenges students to develop the best instruments and procedures for cleaning up an oil spill. Students then execute their design and reflect on the results.

    The URL is: http://www.tryengineering.org/lessons/spillsolutio...

    Sediment Penetration Exercise (3rd grade- 8th grade)    

    An activity where students observe the penetrating effect of oil on sediment and examine the implications this might have for coastal recovery from an oil spill.

    The URL is: http://response.restoration.noaa.gov/topic_subtopi...

    Cleaning Oiled Feathers (1st- 6th grade)    

    Students learn first hand how oil affects bird feathers. Students then complete an experiment to clean oiled feathers.

    The URL is: http://response.restoration.noaa.gov/audience_subt...

    The Habitable Planet Web Site Wins Prize    
    The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and Science magazine have awarded The Habitable Planet Web site its SPORE prize (Science Prize for Online Resources in Education), recognizing freely available online materials that enrich science education. The Habitable Planet was one of 12 selected from an international field by a panel of 16 scientists and nine teachers.
    The URL is: http://www.learner.org/courses/envsci/

    Power for Change: An Energy Curriculum for Grades K-12    
    The NorthWoods Stewardship Center in Vermont has recently published a 220-page curriculum book focusing on energy conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy. The book contains 18 interactive lesson plans, over 50 student handouts, extensive background information with figures and data, and a complete energy glossary.
    The URL is: http://www.northwoodscenter.org/energycurriculum.h...

    Flying WILD Educator Resources on Gulf Oil Spill    
    To help bird educators find useful information for their classrooms about the Gulf oil spill and birds, Flying WILD has complied this educator resource page that includes links to key Web sites and databases, educator tools, articles, and how to help.
    The URL is: http://www.flyingwild.org/resources/gulfoilspillre...

    Environmentally Friendly Posters - Glogster EDU    
    Glogster EDU is the leading education platform for the creative expression of knowledge and skills in the classroom. Glogster EDU empowers educators and students with the tools to create GLOGS - online multimedia posters - with text, photos, videos, graphics, music, and more. No glue, no paper, no waste – it is all online. It is absolutely FREE for NAAEE members to register and use Glogster EDU's basic service. Click here to register:
    The URL is: http://edu.glogster.com/register/

    School's Out in Canada!    
    Teachers in Canada, get your students involved in the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) education program encouraging classrooms to get outside from June 8-30, 2010, with their "School’s Out" campaign. Head to the CWF education Web site and log your kilometres. The goal is to reach 10,000!
    The URL is: http://www.cwf-fcf.org/en/educate/interact/walk/

    Lab Out Loud    
    In this biweekly podcast, hosts and science teachers Brian Bartel and Dale Basler discuss science news and science education with leading scientists, researchers, science writers, and other important figures in the field. A selection of links and notes accompanies each episode, enabling the listener to dig deeper into the topics discussed.
    The URL is: http://www.nsta.org/publications/laboutloud.aspx

    Freebies for Science Teachers    
    This NSTA site provides free resources for science teachers to use in their classroom. The search tool allows teachers to search by keyword for the resource types (CDs, Kits, Videos) they are seeking.
    The URL is: http://www.nsta.org/publications/freebies.aspx?lid...

    New Teacher-tested Model Climate Change Lessons    
    The University of Colorado-Boulder is offering a series of teacher-developed and tested model lessons for middle or high school classrooms. This set of model lessons focus on the driving questions:

    . Evidence of Climate Change - How would we know if Colorado's climate is changing and how will it affect me?

    . Mountain Pine Beetles - Why are our forests dying?

    . Zoo Poo - Does burning poo at the Denver Zoo reduce CO2?

    . Modeling Climate - What makes you hot?

    All of these topics are linked to one or more of five Learn More About Climate videos. Each lesson outlines the essential principles, learning objectives, and Colorado State Science Standards addressed and is accompanied by a variety of classroom materials that can be adapted for learners in grades 5-12.
    The URL is: http://learnmoreaboutclimate.colorado.edu/for-educ...

    Google Earth Perspective on Oil Spill    
    Move your mouse over any city on Google Maps to see how large an area the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is covering. Google Earth plugin required.
    The URL is: http://paulrademacher.com/oilspill/

    Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on the Encyclopedia of Earth    
    This reviewed and approved Encyclopedia of Earth article provides information on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill including background information, the geographic extent, attempts to stop the leak, and actions that are being taken to clean up.
    The URL is: http://www.eoearth.org/article/Deepwater_Horizon_o...

    Pollinator Partnership    
    One of our many useful resources available on the 501(c)3 Pollinator Partnership’s Web site is the "Nature's Partners: Pollinators, Plants, and You" curriculum. It is designed to educate young people about pollinators and the important role they play in providing many of the foods we eat and the plant fiber used in our clothing and household goods, and ways they can help pollinators survive and flourish by protecting and creating pollinator-friendly habitat. The copywritten curriculum is available for free download for educators and others who will not use the curriculum for profit.
    The URL is: http://www.nappc.org/curriculum/

    New Curriculum from Earth Day Network    
    Teach about the history of the environmental movement with Earth Day Network’s newest curriculum unit. This online resource for all ages and users provides lesson plans, activity ideas, and digital multimedia resources for the classroom.
    The URL is: http://www.earthday.org/earthdaycurriculum

    Take the Don't Fry Day Pledge, and Teach Students About Sun Safety    
    With the UV Index on the rise, it's time to remind your students to Slip! Slop! Slap! and Wrap! EPA encourages educators to promote sun safety before the second annual Don’t Fry Day on the Friday before Memorial Day (May 28, 2010). We need your help; go online and pledge to incorporate sun safety into your spring and summer activities. Participating classrooms and informal education organizations will receive a Don’t Fry Day poster and a set of sun safety stickers.
    The URL is: http://www.epa.gov/sunwise/dfdpledge.html

    Bryce Canyon Electronic Field Trip (EFT)    
    May 18, 2010 ~ Online

    Join an educational adventure to this geological wonderland filled with spires, mazes, arches, stunning sunsets, and remains of dinosaurs. This EFT will focus on the unique elements of Bryce Canyon National Park. Two live broadcasts will air at 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. EST and 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. EST.
    The URL is: http://www.brycecanyoneft.org/

    Getting WILD About Environmental Literature    
    Dr. Christine Moseley at the University of Texas at San Antonio in collaboration with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has put together this excellent compilation of literature readings with annotations for all levels that align to the Project WILD activities. Download the 84-page doc:
    The URL is: http://www.naaee.org/photos/news-images/gettingwil...

    PollinatorLIVE: A Distance Learning Adventure    
    While pollinators may come in small sizes, they play a large and often undervalued role in the production of the food we eat, the health of flowering plants, and the future of wildlife. A decline in the numbers and health of pollinators over the last several years poses a significant threat to the integrity of biodiversity, to global food webs, and to human health. PollinatorLIVE: A Distance Learning Adventure will provide a series of live interactive Web casts, Web seminars, and satellite field trips about pollinators, gardening, and conservation. All resources are free and geared toward grades 4–8.
    The URL is: http://pollinatorlive.pwnet.org

    Professor Sneeze Climate Change Stories for Children    
    The Professor Sneeze stories and educational materials were developed in the framework of a project of the International Polar Foundation. Stories for 5-12 year olds explain ways to save energy; 8-12 year olds learn how energy is produced by wind, sun, and water; and lessons are followed by a pedagogical note and craftwork to symbolically recreate sea ice.
    The URL is: http://www.contespedagogiques.be/pages/accueil_ang...

    Fun Facts About Weather    
    Web page provides a list of interesting and sensational facts about the weather, plus links to various sources for more in-depth information.
    The URL is: http://www.mjjsales.com/articles/fun-facts-about-w...

    Environmental IQ Quiz Updated and Online    
    The Environmental IQ Quiz developed at the University of Minnesota has been updated with new questions and the latest information. The online quiz is in an interactive format that provides instant feedback. Educators that are interested in using the quiz in their classrooms should contact Dovetail at 612-333-0430 or info@dovetailinc.org for a personalized online tool that will help track and report students' results.
    The URL is: http://www.dovetailinc.org/reportsview/2010/respon...

    NAAEE Member to Walk Around Lake Superior    
    April 29, 2010, Mike Link, NAAEE Member and recently retired Director of the Audubon Center in Minnesota, will join his wife for a six-month walk around Lake Superior to bring attention to the great lakes and fresh water. They have created a Web site about this excursion that includes information for teachers and classrooms. Hamline University is offering an online course related to the hike.
    The URL is: http://www.fullcirclesuperior.org

    A Fish is a Fish    
    Don't miss out on this new activity, produced by Project FISH in partnership with Windsor Nature Discovery. A Fish is a Fish is an activity for all ages who are learning to identify fish and general characteristics of fish; to acquire, analyze, and apply information; to develop and use dichotomous keys; to identify fish families; and to use knowledge toward better fishing skills.
    The URL is: http://www.projectfish.org/afishisafish.pdf

    EE for Kids through Music & Stories    
    Accomplished singer/songwriter/storyteller and educator Rosie Emery has toured schools in Canada and the U.S. for years with her environmental education programs. Now she’s sharing her work online in a blog for teachers and parents. Instructive content and accompanying song and story suggestions provide creative ideas for lesson plans. Songs and lyrics are posted to her MySpace page for easy listening.
    The URL is: http://rainbowdolphin-interconnected.blogspot.com/...

    Schoolyard Habitat Project Guide    
    The purpose of this guide is to provide the basic steps needed to restore or create wildlife habitat. It is designed so that students complete several tasks that will lead to establishing a forest, meadow, or wetland on school grounds. The projects can range in size from a small 20’ by 20’ area to an acre or more. These steps were developed from the experiences of several schools that have completed similar projects. The process incorporates critical thinking and decision-making skills while challenging students in reading, writing, science, mathematics, and language arts.
    The URL is: http://www.fws.gov/chesapeakebay/schoolyd.html

    New Discussion Guides for PBS' "Poisoned Waters"    
    Hedrick Smith Productions has created a discussion guide and DVD clip reel from the PBS Frontline special - Poisoned Waters, that aired nationwide on April 21, 2009. The package includes a DVD with five-minute excerpts from the show and a 26-page educational booklet. Together, the discussion guide and video clips are designed to stimulate public discussion of crucial issues and effective solutions for water protection and restoration. It is intended for teachers, students, regulators, administrators, activists, and anyone else interested in improving water quality. The materials is suitable for an adult audience, not for elementary and middle schools. It will be available at no charge for a limited time. Those interested should contact Simona Raetz at Hedrick Smith Productions at simonaraetz@live.com
    The URL is: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/poisonedwa...

    Free Online Redwood Education Kit    
    Educators and Parents -- Save the Redwoods League is proud to announce a new suite of online resources to support you in your redwood education efforts. This site has both online activities and ideas for students to get out into nature and explore their environment.
    The URL is: http://education.savetheredwoods.org/kit

    Easy-to-Use Climate Change Action Projects for K-12 Students    
    Facing the Future has released a comprehensive service-learning resource for climate change. The Climate Change Action Project Database includes more than 25 ready-to-use action projects that will prepare students to understand and take action on climate change. The online database provides:

    · Meaningful projects to fulfill graduation requirements

    · Ideas for transforming classroom learning on into action

    · Project details and contact information needed to get started

    · Options for projects that take place both on and off school grounds

    Thanks to funding from the McKibben Merner Family Foundation, these service-learning projects are accessible free at
    The URL is: http://www.facingthefuture.org/ServiceLearning/Cli...

    Expedition Copenhagen with Will Steger    
    Follow along with polar explorer Will Steger as he and a group of young people embark on Expedition Copenhagen, a mission to bring the youth voice to the international climate negotiations in December. First give your students the basic knowledge they need to follow the news coverage of the climate negotiations and the skills they need to make their opinions heard. Then send your students’ statements to the youth delegates headed to Copenhagen and follow the Youth Delegation’s multimedia blogs. Download Citizen Climate (linked below), free standards-linked high school lesson plans from the Will Steger Foundation. These lesson plans build on the WSF’s original six lesson plans on the basics of global warming. The new lessons cover the carbon cycle, target levels for atmospheric levels of greenhouse gasses, cap and trade, carbon tax, new technologies, concerns of developed and developing countries, and how to formulate position statements.
    The URL is: http://willstegerfoundation.org/index.php?option=c...

    NWF Be Out There™ Campaign    
    The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) has teamed up with the newly released film Where the Wild Things Are, to launch Be Out There™, a national campaign to get families and kids to spend daily time outdoors to connect with the natural world. Explore ideas for wild outdoor fun, download the Where The Wild Things Are poster and activity guides, learn ways to find amazing wild creatures, build a fort, and more from the Web site:
    The URL is: http://www.nwf.org/beoutthere/

    '100 Heartbeats' Premieres November 22nd    
    100 Heartbeats, the next premiere in MSNBC's Future Earth series, will tell compelling stories of some of Earth’s cherished animal species that are dangerously close to extinction. Famed naturalist Jeff Corwin focuses on survival and renewal of creatures large and small, not extinction.
    The URL is: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29840099/ns/msnbc_tv-f...

    Project BudBurst    
    Fall has arrived - celebrate the change of seasons with Project BudBurst! Get outside with your students and have them make observations of seeds ripening, leaf color change, leaf drop, and other interesting changes. It's easy to participate and provides a great learning opportunity at any time of the year. The Project BudBurst team has a goal of reaching 5,000 phenophase observations this Fall and need your help!
    The URL is: http://www.windows.ucar.edu/citizen_science/budbur...

    EPA Data Finder    
    EPA recently launched DataFinder, a single place to find EPA's data sources so people can better access and understand environmental information. Visit the site, suggest new content, and comment on its functionality. EPA also will use Data Finder to discover raw data that can be accessed via Data.gov, a federal site that helps people find, download, and use datasets that are generated and held by the federal government.
    The URL is: http://www.epa.gov/datafinder

    New High School Curriculum: Citizen Climate    
    The Will Steger Foundation developed Citizen Climate, a new high school curriculum tied to national standards that focuses on global climate solutions. This curriculum emphasizes civic engagement and helps teachers and students understand the critical and complex climate solutions being discussed on the national and international stage. It also allows students to formulate statements about what they would like to see happen in climate policy and how these policies and actions can be replicated in their states and local communities.
    The URL is: http://willstegerfoundation.org/index.php?option=c...

    Engaging Students in Conservation Lesson Plans    
    Facing the Future, in collaboration with the Snow Leopard Trust, has just released Engaging Students in Conservation: Protecting the Endangered Snow Leopard, an interdisciplinary 1-2 week unit that includes five dynamic lessons and culminates with a service-learning project. The unit is designed for 5-8th grade students in science and social studies. Though the lessons are designed as a comprehensive unit, each lesson can stand alone. This unit, valued at $14.95, is available for FREE download at
    The URL is: http://www.facingthefuture.org/Home/CurriculumDeta...

    Climate Change Presentations for High Schools    
    The Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) will visit your high school to deliver exciting science-based multimedia presentations on climate education including delving into tangible solutions to stop climate destruction. ACE also offers grant and scholarship opportunities to empower students to take action. View their trailer on YouTube: www.tinyurl.com/acetrailer and visit their Web site for details.
    The URL is: http://www.climateeducation.org/

    This exciting educational outreach initiative was recently launched by the American Society of Civil Engineers. ASCEville! provides students in grades 4-7, a new online destination where they can explore the important role of civil engineering and the connection to the world we see every day. Engineers, teachers, and parents will find helpful educational outreach and teaching resources on the site.
    The URL is: http://content.asce.org/asceville/index.html

    Catch the Science Bug    
    This new educational science Web site offers a variety of science activities that increase science literacy, raise environmental awareness, and introduce different careers in the sciences. The site also provides the user with video clips from the PBS Rhode Island television series, interactive online activities, and downloadable instructions and data collection sheets for hands-on activities. Produced by the Catch the Science Bug Foundation and sponsored by Best Buy Children's Foundation.
    The URL is: http://www.sciencebug.org/

    Lesson Plan: Taming the Paper Tiger    
    This lesson plan "Taming the Paper Tiger: a Unit on Paper and the Environment," combines environmental education, science, math, literacy, and technology. It includes a coloring page, reproducible folktale, and multi-grade (k-6) hands-on activities.
    The URL is: http://www.gosmartpay.com/files/smartpay_tigerthem...

    Great Backyard Bird Count    
    The Great Backyard Bird Count is an annual four-day event that engages bird watchers of all ages in counting birds to create a real-time snapshot of where the birds are across the continent. Anyone can participate, from beginning bird watchers to experts. It takes as little as 15 minutes. It’s free, fun, and easy—and it helps the birds.
    The URL is: http://www.birdcount.org

    Conservation and Humane Education Take Flight with Lucky    
    Based on a true story, this children’s book tells the story of Lucky, a parrot who is captured in the wild and eventually regains his freedom with the help of a young Indonesian boy. The book teaches children to be kind to animals and is a natural fit for wider educational curriculum including geography and culture of Indonesia, the natural history, behavior, and physical characteristics of parrots and tropical forest ecosystems, as well as real-life conservation efforts.

    The Web site incorporates all these topics with sample lesson plans and class activities, and includes a narrated documentary video clip of the real Lucky.

    For more information about bringing Lucky to your school or classroom at the special discount rate, contact the Avian Welfare Coalition at info@avianwelfare.com
    The URL is: http://www.luckythelorikeet.com/

    Multimedia Resources on Nature and the Environment    
    The Library of Congress has compiled a collection of resources supporting education on nature and the environment. The multimedia resources include presentations, exhibitions, Webcasts, news, and classroom materials.
    The URL is: http://www.loc.gov/teachers/classroommaterials/the...

    Earth Matters: Studies for Our Global Future    
    Population Connection announces the release of its new secondary-level curriculum, Earth Matters: Studies for Our Global Future, 3rd edition on CD-ROM. This new edition is completely updated and greatly expanded to include 32 readings and 43 innovative teaching activities to help students understand the complexities of population pressures, climate change, natural resource use, wildlife endangerment, distribution of wealth and food, urbanization, public health, gender equity, economic progress, and how these issues are interrelated.
    The URL is: http://www.populationeducation.org

    Engaging Students through Global Issues: Real World Math    
    This Facing the Future two-part math resource engages students in learning foundational algebra and geometry through real-world data on global issues. The teacher's guide and corresponding student workbook contain 15 lessons on topics such as climate change, population, and financial literacy. All lessons were inspired, researched, designed, reviewed, and pilot tested by educators in the field.
    The URL is: http://www.facingthefuture.org

    Atlas of Science Literacy    
    This National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) and Project 2061 resource is a collection of conceptual strand maps showing how students' ideas and skills lead to literacy and how learning goals relate to each other and progress from grade-to-grade.
    The URL is: http://www.project2061.org/publications/atlas/defa...

    Free Climate Change DVD    
    The University of Colorado CIRES Education and Outreach group is offering this free educational DVD about climate change and its effects on polar regions. Polar Visions is an exciting, visually stunning film by Ryan Vachon, about the causes and effects of climate change in polar regions. The film contains seven stand-alone segments appropriate for use in all kinds of science classrooms and informal settings from the middle level through college, and was developed to align with the National Science Education Standards across all science subjects.

    To obtain copies and standards alignment information, email Tina Arthur at tina.arthur@colorado.edu with your:

      Full Name

      Work Title


      Grade Level(s)

      # of copies requested

      Email Address

      Full mailing Address

    The URL is:

    Investigations of Daily High-Low Temperatures    
    Using this online activity students can analyze the spatial patterns of daily temperature extremes, examine the relationship of coasts, latitude, and altitude to temperature extremes across the USA in a hands-on, GIS-based environment.
    The URL is: http://blogs.esri.com/Info/blogs/gisedcom/archive/...

    An Audio Guide to Urban Birds: By Students, For Students    
    Want to learn more about the birds in your community? This project can help! Written and narrated by high school students from Boston, Massachusetts, the Urban Bird Sounds Project features recordings and descriptions of birds, tips for remembering their songs and calls, and short quizzes to test your skills. To learn more, download audio, try the quizzes, or order a free copy, visit the Web site.
    The URL is: http://www.urbanbirdsounds.org/Site/Urban_Bird_Sou...

    EstuaryLive 2009 ~ Online    
    On May 1st, join naturalists from around the country to explore our estuaries. EstuaryLive is a free, live, interactive field trip through our nation’s estuaries. Participants have an opportunity to submit questions directly to field trip leaders during the broadcast. This year’s program will feature segments from three of NOAA's National Estuarine Research Reserves: Hudson River (New York), South Slough (Oregon), and Padilla Bay (Washington). Included will be a discussion of the impacts of global climate change on our coastal ecosystems.
    The URL is: http://www.estuaries.gov

    A Hot New Resource! Climate Change: A Wisconsin Activity Guide    
    This climate change guide is for teachers to help students (grades 7-12) investigate the evidence and causes of climate change, examine its impacts on ecosystems, explore and discuss varied social and cultural perspectives, and get involved helping to solve this local and global predicament. The guide includes 12 engaging activities suitable for classes in English and language arts, environmental education, math, science, art, and social studies, and the activities are tied to Wisconsin’s model academic standards. Preview online, order free copies, or download the pdf.
    The URL is: http://www.dnr.wi.gov/eek/teacher/climatechangegui...

    State-Fish Art Contest    
    Wildlife Forever State-Fish Annual "Art of Conservation" Contest is designed to educate students about their state-fish, its habitat and aquatic conservation. Download the "State-Fish Art Lesson Plan," obtain State-Fish Art Contest guidelines and entry forms and view the latest winning artwork.
    The URL is: http://www.statefishart.com

    Mystery Class Geography, Science, and Math Project ~ Online    
    Teachers and students in grades 4-12 classrooms are invited to participate this winter/spring in Journey North’s Mystery Class project in which students try to find 10 secret classes hiding around the globe using the changing sunlight at each site as the clue. Students develop a deep understanding of important concepts by puzzling them out in real time.
    The URL is: http://www.learner.org/jnorth/tm/mclass/About.html...

    Pennies for the Planet    
    Pennies for the Planet is a nationwide campaign that taps into the amazing power of kids to help critical conservation projects. For the last several years, kids have helped save wild places and wildlife in the United States and around the world. This campaign is created to promote conservation action and support current and future environmental leaders. Materials including a full color poster and educator’s guide, a newsletter for kids, and a participation form with incentives and awards are available for download from the Web site for classroom or at-home use.
    The URL is: http://www.penniesfortheplanet.org/

    Curriculum Unit on Climate Change    
    Facing the Future is offering Climate Change: Connections and Solutions, a set of two-week interdisciplinary curriculum units for students in grades 6-8 and grades 9-12, in pdf format. Aligned with national science and social studies standards, the lessons begin by building a foundation of understanding climate change and ends with students being able to communicate complex and interconnected issues related to climate change.
    The URL is: http://www.facingthefuture.org/Curriculum/Download...

    Year of Science: 2009    
    To mark the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth, the 150th anniversary of his publication on the origin of species, and the 400th anniversary of the publication of Kepler's first two laws of planetary motion, the American Institute of Biological Sciences, the National Academy of Sciences, and more than 150 other organizations, have declared 2009 the Year of Science. Each month, the Web site will focus around a scientific theme, and include related resources, activities, video clips, podcasts, student challenges, citizen science opportunities, and more.
    The URL is: http://www.yearofscience2009.org/home/

    Universe Awareness for Young Children    
    This Web site is part of the 2009 International Year of Astronomy outreach program using "the beauty and scale of the universe to inspire very young children in underprivileged environments." Site offers a wide variety of educational materials such as online activities, games, animations, films, and teachers' materials.
    The URL is: http://www.unawe.org/

    Environmental Health Science Education    
    The Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) environmental health science lessons meet National Science Education Standards in biology, chemistry, environmental science, geology, and physical science, and are targeted at students in grades 9-12. All EHP news articles and lessons can be downloaded for free from this Web site.
    The URL is: http://ehp.niehs.nih.gov/science-ed/

    Environmental Science Course Now on Encyclopedia of Earth (EoE)    
    Based on curriculum developed for California schools, the Advanced Placement Environmental Science course developed by the University of California College Prep initiative is now available through the EoE Web site. The online course covers all material outlined by the College Board and includes 25 chapters on topics ranging from energy flows to environmental laws and regulations, and the chapters may be used independently or sequentially as a full course. In addition, the chapters can serve as resources for teachers and students in other science courses at the high school or undergraduate level. The EoE is one component of the Earth Portal, which also include the Earth Forum, presenting blogs by scientists, and Earth News, featuring the latest environmental news from around the globe.
    The URL is: http://www.eoearth.org/article/AP_Environmental_Sc...

    Estuaries 101 Online Curriculum    
    This new online science curriculum from NOAA’s National Estuarine Research Reserve System is a complete set of estuarine science curricula to help grade 9-12 teachers incorporate coastal and estuarine science into any general science class. Each of the four modules tells the estuary story through one of three domains - earth, life, or physical science.
    The URL is: http://www.estuaries.gov/GetInvolved/Default.aspx?...

    GreenWorks! Butterfly Garden Grants    
    Deadline: December 1, 2008

    Through MonarchLIVE - A Distance Learning Adventure, students can follow the magical migration of monarch butterflies through a series of free live, interactive field trips broadcast from Mexico, the U.S., and Canada. Participating teachers can apply for one of Project Learning Tree's GreenWorks! grants to create a butterfly garden in their schoolyard or community.
    The URL is: http://www.plt.org/cms/pages/21_22_235.html

    FUNDRED Dollar Bill Project    
    The FUNDRED Dollar Bill Project is a national project intended to support the rebuilding of New Orleans by making the environmental conditions safer for its residents. The FUNDRED Dollar Bill "artworks" created by students across the country will be collected by armored truck and delivered to Washington, DC. Those drawings will ultimately contribute to developing awareness and delivering solutions for the environmentally responsible rebuilding of New Orleans.

    Please visit the project Web site (password: paydirt).
    The URL is: http://www.fundred.org/

    Curious George Helps Bring Earth Science to Kids    
    Leverage Curious George's appeal to bring earth science learning to young kids. PBS has created easy-to-use resources for educators that are free and online. The resources outline how to set up and run hands-on “Curiosity Centers” where children can make their own discoveries about sand, water, soil, wind, and recycling. How-to includes simple materials lists, learning goals, leader notes, and tips for success. Over 80 three-minute video clips showing kids exploring science are also available.
    The URL is: http://pbskids.org/curiousgeorge/parentsteachers/a...

    Live, Electronic Field Trip - MonarchLIVE    
    Begins with October 10 kickoff and continues throughout the 2008-09 school-year.

    Experience this spectacular natural phenomena where millions of monarchs migrate thousands of miles from Canada and the United States to overwinter in the mountain peaks in states of Mexico and Michoacán in Mexico. MonarchLIVE is a distance-learning adventure, that follows the annual migration of monarch butterflies with six electronic field trips during the school year, including two Web casts and broadcasts in February 2009 from the monarch butterflies’ overwintering habitat in Mexico. The electronic field trips will be available by Webcast or through a satellite downlink.
    The URL is: http://monarch.pwnet.org

    New York Times Learning Network    
    Daily news summaries and lesson plans for grades 6-12. Resources for students, teachers and parents. (many of the science lesson plans focus on environmental issues)
    The URL is: http://www.nytimes.com/learning/teachers/lessons/i...

    Earth Science Week Toolkit    
    Earth Science Week is October 12-18, and the theme for the 2008 is "No Child Left Inside." The Toolkit is a key educational support product and contains several resources developed by the American Geological Institute (AGI) including a ‘Journey to Center of Earth 3D’ Educator Guide, posters, activity calendar, 3D postcard, Earth Observations CD from NASA, field notebook, and much more.
    The URL is: http://www.earthsciweek.org/materials/index.html

    New Activity Guide from "Meet the Greens"    
    MeetTheGreens.org kids' guide to looking after the planet has just added a new activity guide. It pairs hands-on activities to deepen kids' understanding of topics like recycling and global warming with campaigns to reduce junk mail and get drivers to stop idling cars. This innovative, Web-only project comes from WGBH in Boston, the producer of shows like ZOOM, ARTHUR, Frontline, & NOVA.
    The URL is: http://meetthegreens.pbskids.org/features/

    Environmental Surveys for Home and School    
    Visit the ThinkEarth Web site for two easy-to-conduct surveys that will help lessen your environmental impact. The home survey can be conducted by family members, and the school survey can be conducted as a class project from grade six and up. Once survey answers are entered online, personalized recommendations are generated to show you how to better "Think Earth." The free, broad-based surveys cover air quality, energy and water conservation, and waste reduction.
    The URL is: http://www.thinkearth.org/surveys

    Special Offer for Classroom Teachers    
    Special Offer for Classroom Teachers! Free 1-Year Subscription to YES! Magazine.

    YES! magazine is an ad-free quarterly journal published by the Positive Futures Network, an independent, nonprofit organization supporting people’s active engagement in creating a just, sustainable, and compassionate world. Our stories are about real people making positive change in the real world. They are stories of hope that are especially inspiring to young people.

    YES! honors classroom teachers for engaging and inspiring the next generation. Thanks to the generosity of our funders we can provide K-12 classroom teachers and college faculty with a one-year introductory subscription at no cost.

    Sign up now and start your free year of YES! with our next issue devoted to climate change solutions with compelling stories by Bill McKibben, Joanna Macy, youth, and others about what's needed for us to meet this global challenge.
    The URL is: http://www.yesmagazine.org/teachersub.asp

    CLEARING Magazine    
    CLEARING is one of the oldest publications for environmental and place-based education in the country. First published in 1978, CLEARING is a quarterly magazine for formal and non-formal educators that features thought-provoking perspectives, insightful resource reviews, grade- and subject-specific activities and lesson plans, and news from regional EE associations in the western US and Canada. Available in print and online.
    The URL is: http://www.clearingmagazine.org/

    Arctic Community Curriculum    
    From the Will Steger Foundation’s Global Warming 101 initiative, Arctic Community Curriculum focuses on community, solutions, and positive messages of hope and action in response to the challenge of climate change. Based on the idea that we are all members of the community of Planet Earth, the curriculum looks in detail at a specific area, namely the Arctic, to help us appreciate the meaning of community. The Arctic Community Curriculum is free of charge and compliments the other educational resources available through the Web site.
    The URL is: http://globalwarming101.com/

    PLT Publishes Secondary EE Module "Forests of the World"    
    Project Learning Tree (PLT), in partnership with the World Forestry Center, has completed a new set of secondary activities Global Connections: Forests of the World. The module consists of nine activities that provide students with the opportunity to do research and apply critical thinking skills to consider the social, economic, and environmental implications that underlie decisions about forest management. Educators can use the module in biology, geography, agriculture, and other science and social studies courses at the high school or early college level.
    The URL is: http://www.plt.org/cms/pages/31_41_54.html

    Take a Walk Series Offers Free Book    
    Take a Cloud Walk, a new addition to the award-winning Take a Walk book series by Jane Kirkland, is available as a free PDF download. In this full-color, 30-page book, readers learn the basic names and shapes of clouds, why they move, why they are white, how they affect climate change, the difference between weather and climate, and weather terms and conditions such as hail, lightning, and fog. Meteorologists Jim Cantore (the Weather Channel®) and "Stormin" Bob Swanson, (USA Today) participated in this fun book giving kids a closer look at clouds. Get your copy at Jane’s new Web site for educators, where you can find many other free resources for educators.
    The URL is: http://www.nostudentleftindoors.com

    Ecology Lesson Plans    
    Site offers free biology lesson plans including ecology lab, ecosystems, biomes, the cycles of matter, and environmental science for high school biology teachers. Free science curriculum from Lesson Plans, Inc.
    The URL is: http://www.lessonplansinc.com/biology_lesson_plans...

    Printable Calendars    
    Use this simple tool to create a monthly or yearly calendar. Available in three sizes.
    The URL is: http://www.eprintablecalendars.com/

    Clean Sweep USA Expands Resources for Grades 4-8    
    Keep America Beautiful, Inc., received a $75,000 grant from the Office Depot Foundation to redesign and enhance its Clean Sweep U.S.A. EE Web site. This educational math and science classroom resource for students (grades 4-8) now includes lessons on litter prevention and beautification and features interactive learning modules that help students, teachers, and families address real-world issues about waste.
    The URL is: http://www.cleansweepusa.org

    Free Science "Stuff" for Teachers    
    This wiki-style page from Science Inquirer offers free teaching resources from listservs, podcasts, videos, posters, and more.
    The URL is: http://scienceinquirer.wikispaces.com/freestuff

    Biodiversity Conservation Teaching Resource    
    New online journal, Lessons in Conservation (LinC), provides educators and students with the most up-to-date resources and thinking in biodiversity conservation. Published semi-annually, the official publication of the Network of Conservation Educators and Practitioners (NCEP) is a collaborative project to develop capacity aimed at sustaining Earth's biological and cultural diversity. The teaching modules presented include documents summarizing a wide range of topics, field or laboratory exercises, and relevant short case studies with teaching notes to help educators tailor their lessons to local issues or questions. All modules include current, peer-reviewed content and are designed to facilitate active approaches to teaching and learning.
    The URL is: http://ncep.amnh.org/linc

    Global Warming 101 Expedition with Will Steger ~ Online    
    This Spring, National Geographic Explorer Will Steger and a team of young adventurers from Norway, Great Britain, Canada, and the U.S. will bring their High Arctic dogsled expedition to educators and learners through multimedia dispatches.

    Endorsed by the National Education Association (NEA), this adventure learning project includes standards-linked multidisciplinary lesson plans appropriate for middle school and older students that explore how climate shapes the past, present, and future for members of the High Arctic community. In addition to the free lesson plans, the site includes discussion starters that challenge students to think critically and form well-supported opinions.
    The URL is: http://www.globalwarming101.com

    Horton Helps Kids Learn About Conservation    
    EPA is working with 20th Century Fox in connection with their new movie, Dr. Seuss' "Horton Hears a Who" to help Americans and their kids learn about energy efficiency and ENERGY STAR. Using the lyrical rhymes and colorful illustrations that are the hallmarks of Dr. Seuss, EPA has two new brochures to remind us that - with help from Horton and ENERGY STAR - we can all do our part to fight global warming, save energy, and protect the earth. Both brochures are downloadable from the Web site.
    The URL is: http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?fuseaction=pub...

    Free Teacher’s Kit and Chance to Win $200 in Random Drawing    
    The CAPCO Classroom Aerosol Adventure Kit contains all of the materials necessary to teach your students about the Earth’s protective upper ozone layer, CFCs, and aerosol products in a fun and active way. The kit includes a teacher’s guide, classroom activities, experiments, homework assignments, and the DVD, "Another Awesome Aerosol Adventure," created by the makers of "Beakman’s World." It is a perfect compliment to standard teaching materials and an excellent way to meet state SOLs. The kit is free and can be ordered or downloaded from CAPCO’s Web site.
    The URL is: http://www.nocfcs.org

    Walden Media Educator Guides    
    Walden Media is offering these interdisciplinary, downloadable educator guides to accompany their films and books. The lesson plans are written by educators for educators and comply with national standards in content areas.
    The URL is: http://www.walden.com/walden/walden/guide_matrix.p...

    TEAMS Distance Learning    
    TEAMS is a satellite distance learning provider of instruction for the elementary grades. The site contains Internet projects, lesson plans and other resources for K-12 educators.
    The URL is: http://teams.lacoe.edu/

    Greenbelt Alliance Reports    
    Greenbelt Alliance is a bay area-based non-profit organization dedicated to preserving open space and promoting smart-growth. One goal is to educate young people about the urban natural world. Our unique curriculum, “The Greenbelt in Your Schoolyard”, can be used in many different youth programs called for grades 3-8. To receive a copy, email or download the PDF online.
    The URL is: http://greenbelt.org/resources/reports

    Worksheet Library    
    This site features printable (K-6) teacher worksheets all aligned to National Standards and can be sorted by grade level of subject.
    The URL is: http://www.worksheetlibrary.com

    Operation: Monster Storms    
    From The JASON Project, this free and online curriculum is designed to teach students (grades 5-8) how powerful storms form and how advanced technology is used to better understand and forecast weather. The five- to nine-week core science unit covers key middle school National Science Education Standards, and can be aligned to state standards.
    The URL is: http://www.jason.org/public/Curriculum/Curriculum....

    Free Energy Lesson Plans & Activities    
    The U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy offers 350 downloadable lessons and activities on energy efficiency and renewable energy, organized by grade level and topic.
    The URL is: http://www.eere.energy.gov/education/lessonplans/

    Green Educational Resource for K-12 Teachers    
    The Go Green Database is aimed at teachers and educators who need environmental resources to use in classrooms and schools. The Database is a directory that can be searched by topics such as climate, energy and recycling, by resource type such as lesson plans, field trips and design projects.
    The URL is: http://www.edutopia.org/go-green

    Environment and Global Climate Change    
    University of the Arctic "Introduction to the Circumpolar World" module for students (grades 9-12) addressing climate change and potential environmental changes in the Arctic.
    The URL is: http://www.uarctic.org/bcs/BCS100/bcs100_m6.pdf

    Curriculum Guide: Exploring Climate Change Impacts    
    Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) set of teaching materials geared towards students and teachers in grades 9-12. Individual exercises are adaptable to different grade levels and engage students in an exploration of the impacts of global climate change on ecosystems and natural resources. In pdf format.
    The URL is: http://www.climatehotmap.org/curriculum/climate_ch...

    National Wildlife Federation's new ClimateClassroom.org website is designed to help parents and teachers talk to students of differing ages about global warming. Its features include guidelines for parents, proposed new national global warming educator guidelines, age-adapted sources of useful curricula, a downloadable slide presentation for kids, presenter's guide, and more.
    The URL is: http://www.ClimateClassroom.org

    The F.R.E.E. Network    
    The Forest Resource Environmental Education (FREE) Network is frequently updated and contains more than 100 interactive, scientifically-sound resources for students and teachers at all grade levels to learn about forests and forest management. The network was started by the University of Minnesota and is now hosted by Dovetail Partners, a non-profit environmental organization based in Minneapolis. Visit the site for classroom resources and take the popular environmental quiz!
    The URL is: http://www.freenetwork.org

    If Trees Could Talk - Grades 6-8      
    This 8-module, middle school environmental history curriculum allows teachers to download in pdf format, self-contained activities based upon archival materials. Each module is a compilation of primary resources--documents, maps, newspapers, oral histories or photographs--that students will be asked to examine and analyze in order to synthesize insights about human interaction with the environment
    The URL is: http://www.foresthistory.org/Education/Curriculum/

    Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation Call2Recycle Lesson Plan    
    Interactive lesson plan teaches students about the importance of rechargeable battery and cell phone recycling. Suitable for grades 5-12.
    The URL is: http://www.rbrc.org/call2recycle/teaching/index.ht...

    World Ecosystems Beyond Borders (WEBB)    
    Free Web-based curriculum to help teachers bring global environmental issues to science and social studies classrooms. The WEBB curriculum engages students in a dynamic study of local and global issues to prepare them for citizenship in an increasingly interconnected world. Sponsored by Global Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
    The URL is: http://global.wisc.edu/outreach/k-12/webb/

    The Scoop on Soil    
    Claude's Got the Scoop on Soil! Web site provides educational materials targeted for students in grades 4-6 to learn about how soil is made, who really needs soil, and what happens to soil if you don't take care of it.
    The URL is: http://www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/soil/index.html

    Soil-Net.com is an educational resource about soil, with extensive teacher aids supporting many curriculum-based interactive student activities.
    The URL is: http://www.soil-net.com

    Geology.com - Earth Science on the Web    
    Published by a professional geologist, Geology.com offers a wealth of information, including a geology dictionary, news, over 160 country maps, hundreds of satellite images, and 250 U.S. state maps.
    The URL is: http://geology.com

    A site for educators to share ideas about energy-

    related curriculum, including topics about

    environmental impact of energy production and

    The URL is: http://energyteachers.org

    Encyclopedia of Life    
    Supported by grants from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the "Encyclopedia of Life" is a global effort to document all 1.8 million named species of animals, plants, and other forms of life on Earth. The encyclopedia will be a multimedia Wikipedia-style Web site, providing downloadable information on each species. The Field Museum, Harvard University, the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole, the Smithsonian Institution, and the Biodiversity Heritage Library partnered to launch the project.

    See Demo >>


    The URL is: http://www.eol.org

    Sanctuary Sam is Now on MySpace    
    NOAA has teamed up with SeaWorld to bring education about the marine sanctuaries to kids by using myspace.com, youtube.com, and flickr.com etc.


    The URL is: http://www.myspace.com/sanctuarysam

    PLT and Earth & Sky    
    Combine the power of radio, the internet, and Project Learning Tree activities to enhance learning in the classroom. Earth & Sky produces short daily radio shows on a range of environmental topics. These 90-second shows can also be downloaded for free from the internet and many are correlated to Project Learning Tree (PLT) activities.

    Both Web sites provide a wealth of additional resources for educators and students for each radio show and PLT activity.

    Access on Earth & Sky >>


    Access on PLT Web site >>

    The URL is: http://www.plt.org/cms/pages/21_23_60.html

    The Dynamic Earth    
    From the Smithsonian Museum, The Dynamic Earth Web site offers a multimedia presentation or printable version of Gems and Minerals, Plate Tectonics and Volcanoes, Rocks and Mining, and The Solar System.
    The URL is: http://www.mnh.si.edu/earth/main_frames.html

    Scientific Integrity Curriculum Guide    
    This Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) lesson plan is for undergraduate and advanced high school instructors providing lecture slides, worksheets, homework assignments, essay suggestions, and links to other resources.
    The URL is: http://www.ucsusa.org/scientific_integrity/restori...

    NPR Climate Connections    
    National Public Radio (NPR) and National Geographic host the Climate Connections Web site full of news items, interesting facts, practical ideas, and a daily podcast. An interactive map allows visitors to follow NPR reporting on areas of the world impacted by global warming, and the Wild Chronicles offers videos on a variety of wildlife and global warming issues.
    The URL is: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?story...

    Facing the Future Lesson Plans & Workshops    
    Looking for an inspiring lesson to engage your middle and high school students at the end of the school year? Or the perfect faculty workshop? Facing the Future's interdisciplinary activities provide a starting place for young people to think critically about issues facing the planet and to find entry points for making a difference in their local and global communities.

    Download Free Lessons: http://www.facingthefuturedata.org/download.htm

    Check the Web site for workshops and student textbooks.
    The URL is: http://www.teacherscorner.org/howto.htm

    No More Arctic?    
    Follow Will Steger's Global Warming 101 Expedition.

    Baffin Island is ground zero for climate change. No better place exists to witness the disruption of ecosystems and cultures by climate change. This February, Will Steger and his expedition team of Inuit hunters, explorers and educators, embarked on a four-month-long expedition on Baffin Island to get a first-hand look at how global warming is impacting the Arctic landscape, wildlife, and human communities. Students and teachers around the country can follow along with the Expedition using the freely available educational curricula. In addition, the Global Warming 101 website provides the wider community with tools, resources, and information that builds a solid understanding of the issue as well as motivation to slow global warming through personal and legislative action.
    The URL is: http://www.globalwarming101.com

    Education Reporting, Inc.    
    Education Reporting, Inc. facilitates the voices of teachers, education stakeholders, and parents in improving education and integrating "green" education into class curriculum. Education tools offered include symposiums, polls, free document downloads, free report card services, current research and data, and comprehensive resources about what is happening in K-12 leaning communities.
    The URL is: http://educationreporting.com/GreenSchoolSymposium...

    Secrets of the Sequence Videos Series    
    The Center for Life Sciences Education at Virginia Commonwealth University presents "The Secrets of the Sequence Video Series" for teachers to incorporate advances in the life sciences into their classrooms. Each of the 50 short (8-10 minute) videos come with a lesson plan and activities.
    The URL is: http://www.pubinfo.vcu.edu/secretsofthesequence

    The Electronic Naturalist Web site is a project of the Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History providing plant and animal information with illustrations, weekly lesson units, and access to a naturalist with "Ask a Naturalist." eNaturalist memberships are free and provide previews of lessons, how those units align to national standards, weekly e-Naturalist newsletter, and the monthly Peterson Journal Online.
    The URL is: http://www.enaturalist.org/

    Jetstream - An Online School for Weather    
    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Web site provides educators, emergency managers, or anyone interested in learning about weather with comprehensive, well-organized, colorfully illustrated curricula designed to help teach about the the Earth's atmosphere. The self-contained modules include complete lesson plans and review questions.
    The URL is: http://www.srh.noaa.gov/jetstream/matrix.htm

    National Geographic Xpeditions Web site provides links to maps, activities, and related lesson plans all teacher-tested and sorted by grade-level.
    The URL is: http://nationalgeographic.com/xpeditions/

    Physical Geography Animations    
    Wycombe High School, UK Web site links to a variety of physical geography animations from coastal processes to urban sprawl.
    The URL is: http://www.school-portal.co.uk/GroupHomePage.asp?G...

    Google Earth    
    Zoom in on any place on the planet to explore. Google Earth is a virtual globe that brings satellite images and local facts into view with streaming technology and 3D imagery. Use Google search to show local points of interest, travel routes, and more. Google Earth is free for personal use and no registration is required. Upgraded versions are also available.
    The URL is: http://earth.google.com/

    Watersheds: Connecting Weather to the Environment    
    Online course is a primer on how weather events relate to the health of a watershed, and how the public can take simple actions to protect watershed health. The on-line curriculum contains a collection of graphics that make it easy for meteorologists and others to explain watersheds visually.

    Developed through a grant from the U.S. EPA.
    The URL is: http://www.meted.ucar.edu/broadcastmet/watershed/

    Interactivate Courseware    
    Interactivate is free, online courseware for exploration in science and mathematics. The site is structured around collections of activities, lessons, and discussions and is browsable by subject, topic, audience, and resource type.
    The URL is: http://www.shodor.org/interactivate/guide/

    NASA Materials for the Classroom    
    NASA's Educator Resource Center (ERC) Network helps teachers learn about and use NASA's educational resources. Unable to visit your local ERC? The Central Operation of Resources for Educators (CORE) serves as the worldwide distribution center for more than 200 video, slide, CD-ROM, and DVD programs, chronicling NASA's state-of-the-art research and technology.

    Find the ERC nearest you, visit:


    Or visit the CORE Web site:
    The URL is: http://www.nasa.gov/education/core

    MegaSkills Online    
    Home and School Institute sponsored Web site provides information, training, and material for teachers and parents, focusing on

    children's academic and character education.
    The URL is: http://www.megaskillshsi.org/

    OzonAction Education Pack    
    OzonAction Education Pack provides primary school teachers with practical, hands-on and entertaining curricula material to educate students about the protective role of the ozone layer and the causes and consequences of its depletion.
    The URL is: http://www.unep.fr/ozonaction/information/educatio...

    Environmental Earth Angels Bio-Action Program    
    This student EE program in Ontario, Canada, engages students by providing class modules and labs on biodiversity. The outdoor activities give students a chance to utilize their knowledge and see how they can directly impact the environment.
    The URL is: http://www.earthangels.ca

    Fisheries Learning on the Web (FLOW)    
    Award-winning, Web-based curriculum material for grades 4-8. Each standards-based lesson features an engaging activity focusing on one of three primary areas: ecosystem, water or fish.
    The URL is: http://www.projectflow.us

    Environmental Education Station    
    This newly updated site provides an abundance of teaching materials geared toward environmental and resource economics, a photo library, and links to hot environmental topics.
    The URL is: http://www.ees.cc/

    USGS Educational Resources    
    This U.S. Geological Survey Web site offers an extensive selection of educational resources online (by grade level) that support teaching, learning, education (K-12), and university-level inquiry and research.
    The URL is: http://education.usgs.gov/index.html

    Sustainable Footprint    
    The sustainable footprint project is a Netherlands-based project aimed at making students aware of the consequences of their lifestyle including teachers progams for "problem oriented learning". Plus a series ot thematic lessons and guidelines for internationalising project and relevant links. Extra: A footprint quiz for the younger students (12-15) and a "design for the future" assignment.
    The URL is: http://www.sustainablefootprint.org

    Rustle The Leaf    
    Rustle the Leaf is an online outreach that uses syndication-quality, weekly comic strips and other creative tools to communicate essential environmental themes and truths. Our goals are to encourage environmentalists, to facilitate the sharing of environmental views in an engaging, nonconfrontational manner, and to introduce and reinforce environmental education with people ages 6 to 106. Teachers resources include downloadable monthly lesson plans and a students activities section.
    The URL is: http://www.rustletheleaf.com/#

    Free EE Posters    
    Help teach students to protect the environment with everyday choices! From soccer balls to cell phones to DVDs, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s "life cycle poster series" teaches students to understand the environmental impacts of everyday products. These posters track where products come from, how they are manufactured and transported, how to maximize their useful life, and what happens to them after use. The series helps teens (grades 6-12) make informed decisions to protect the environment in their day-to-day lives. Also available in Spanish. To order your free copies, visit the Web site.
    The URL is: http://www.epa.gov/epaoswer/education/index.htm

    NSTA Recommends - K-12 Resource Review    
    The National Science Teachers Association provides experts' reviews of the best K-12 trade books, teacher publications, and software available for science teachers.
    The URL is: http://www.nsta.org/recommends/

    Water Sourcebook Units Grades K-2, 3-5, 9-12      
    "Designed for use by teachers and water quality professionals, the activities teach youth through experimental learning methods the importance of preserving and enhancing water resources. The inter-disciplinary books are designed to supplement existing curricula and are correlated with U.S. curriculum standards." Units for K-2, 3-5, 9-12 and a Spanish version can be ordered online. NPEEE Review for Grade Level: 9-12
    The URL is: http://www.wef.org/wefstudents/Teachers/index.jhtm...

    Virtual Field Trips Database    
    University of Texas Library collection of virtual field trips and guides throughout the United States and Canada. Developed as course components, the sites contain local geological or earth science information and include links to downloadable versions of published paper texts.
    The URL is: http://www.lib.utexas.edu/geo/onlineguides.html

    NASA's Earth Explorers Series    
    Monthly National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) series introduces a variety of learning adventures and lesson plans designed for K-12 educators and students. Current issue has students investigating the migration of land and marine animals such as eagles, turtles, dolphins, swans, and harp seals.
    The URL is: http://science.hq.nasa.gov/education/earth_explore...

    Project Based Learning - K-12 Teaching Modules    
    An ongoing series of free teaching modules developed by education faculty and professional developers, and sponsored by the George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF). The modules draw from GLEF's archives of best practices and correlate with ISTE/NCATE NETS standards.
    The URL is: http://www.glef.org/php/keyword.php?id=037

    GEOEC Lesson Plans    
    Global, Environmental, and Outdoor Education Council (GEOEC) Web site offers downloadable, free unit and lesson plans (Grades 1-9) designed to help teachers integrate environmental themes into their curriculum.
    The URL is: http://www.geoec.org/lessons/

    National Geographic Educational Materials    
    A searchable database and links to online adventures, maps & geography, free printable lesson plans, software programs and each of the National Geographic magazines.
    The URL is: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/education/

    Pathfinder Teaching and Learning Units - Grades 5-8    
    The Pathfinder Teaching and Learning Units present important scientific concepts in Pacific Island learning contexts and engage island values, such as careful stewardship of the home environment.
    The URL is: http://www.prel.org/products/ms_/pathfinder/pathfi...

    Social Studies Course    
    A grade 11 social studies course written by the North Vancouver Teachers. Specific topics include environmental changes over time. Chapters include: A Global Village; Population; Rich and Poor; Resources; and Aid.
    The URL is: http://www.design4effect.com/soc11/

    Science & Human Health Lessons for Grades 6-8    
    National Institutes of Health (NIH) site offers middle school curriculum supplements including teachers' guides to two weeks' of lessons on science and human health.
    The URL is: http://science.education.nih.gov/customers.nsf/mid...

    Rainforest Alliance Learning Site - Grades K-6    
    The Learning Site is a tremendous resource for educators interested in incorporating environmental curriculum in the classroom. All of the Rainforest Alliance's education materials are completely free and meet national standards as compiled by Mid-Continent Research for Education and Training.
    The URL is: http://www.rainforestalliance.org/programs/educati...

    Fisheries Learning on the Web    
    Fisheries Learning on the Web (FLOW) is a comprehensive curriculum about the Great Lakes ecosystem, geared toward upper elementary and middle school. Lessons are aligned with science and social studies standards.
    The URL is: http://www.projectflow.us

    Ocean Image Resource for Teachers    
    Marine Photobank is a free resource of ocean imagery that highlights pressing ocean issues and includes accompanying downloadable Photo Stories. Some subjects covered are Marine Pollution and Trash, Fishing Methods, and Reefs in Peril/Coral Bleaching.
    The URL is: http://www.marinephotobank.org

    Resources for Learning    
    Food Land & People's curriculum serves PreK-12 grade students in 23 states. 55 objective, hands-on lessons emphasize the development of critical thinking skills needed to balance an understanding of the interdependence of food systems & enviro conservation. Correlated to content standards in CA. Available in Spanish & English.
    The URL is: http://www.foodlandpeople.org/index.html

    Project Caribou - K-12 Educator's Guide and Resources    
    A 150-page Educator's Guide to the Wild Caribou of North America. Website for students and educators acts as support to Project Caribou learning guide.

    The URL is: http://www.taiga.net/projectcaribou/

    Nat'l Geographic EdNet Resource Library    
    This National Geographic community page provides a wide variety of teaching materials and resources, including grade specific lesson plans, news articles, classroom companions, photos, videos, and more.
    The URL is: http://www.ngsednet.org/index.cfm

    Pulse of the Planet    
    Each weekday, Pulse of the Planet provides its listeners with a two-minute sound portrait of Planet Earth, tracking the rhythms of nature, culture and science worldwide and blending interviews and extraordinary natural sound.
    The URL is: http://www.pulseplanet.com/

    Rainforest Alliance Learning Site    
    The Rainforest Alliance Learning Site is filled with free lesson plans, stories, presentations, posters and species profiles for K-6th grade. This standards-based multidisciplinary curriculum teaches science, math, language arts and social studies skills, and presents information on biodiversity and local communities while giving students opportunities for action. All resources are free of charge.
    The URL is: http://www.rainforest-alliance.org/programs/educat...

    Scott’s Bat House Page    
    This site is designed mainly to provide free bat house designs.
    The URL is: http://users.ms11.net/~habitat/bat/bathome.htm

    PBS The Shape of Life    
    Public Broadcasting System (PBS) hosts the Shape of Life website, a project of Sea Studios Foundation, features activities, explorations, and experiments for K-12 formal and informal educators, students, and families. Includes accompanying downloadable activity guide.
    The URL is: http://www.pbs.org/kcet/shapeoflife/resources/inde...

    Scott’s Bee and Wasp House Page    
    Solitary bees, like the orchard mason bee (Osmia), can be very good pollinators for early spring plants and fruit trees. It is very easy to make an abundance of housing for these loner bees and it is fun to watch them move in. They are especially important, because many social bees are in peril.
    The URL is: http://users.ms11.net/~habitat/bee/beehome.htm

    Michigan Reach Out! Mentoring Program offers Science How-to's    
    Science experiments, how-to's, and lesson plans for every age.

    Early Elementary:


    Later Elementary:


    Middle School:


    High School:

    The URL is:

    Sea World - Teacher's Guides Grades K-12      
    "Each guide includes goals and objectives, information, vocabulary, a bibiography, and classroom activities," focusing on Marine animals and ecosystems (K-12). Can be ordered from Sea World. Selected guides have been reviewed by the Nat'l Project for Excellence in EE.
    The URL is: http://www.seaworld.org/teacherguides/index.html

    Popular Education Toolkit    
    "Popular Education is a tool to raise people's critical awareness about the world around them, based on their personal experience." Ozone and Sustainable Transportation Exercises using popular education methodology can be viewed online (adapted from Friends of the Earth (Canada)'s Ozone Protection Workshop Kit).
    The URL is: http://www.flora.org/mike/poped/exer.html

    Printable Graphic Organizers.    
    Web page offering printable graphic organizers. A graphic organizer is an instructional tool used to illustrate a student or class's prior knowledge about a topic or section of text.
    The URL is: http://gotoscience.com/Graphic_Organizers.html

    ProQuest K-12 Standards Based Curricula    
    These learning activities offer creative methods for integrating use of eLibrary resources into classroom instruction. Developed by experienced educators with subject-matter expertise, the activities have been aligned to national standards and developed for four grade levels and four subject areas.
    The URL is: http://www.proquestk12.com/curr/elibrary.shtml

    Schools Going Solar    
    Includes a database of University and K-12 school projects nationwide and internationally. As well as resources for starting your own project. A project of Interstate Renewable Energy Council's PV for YOU Program.
    The URL is: http://irecusa.org/schools/

    eField Trips    
    Check out the Spring 2006 eField Trip "Butterflies: Unlocking the Mystery of Metamorphisis" presented in an engaging format and designed to meet national education standards. Classrooms register for free. Also available now and through the rest of the year: Renewable Energy: POWERful Choices.
    The URL is: http://www.efieldtrips.org

    Purple Pages    
    Homepage of the Purple Loosestrife Project at Michigan State University. K-12 curriculum materials written by teachers, methods in biological control of nonindigenous invasive species, wetland biodiversity, educator workshop agendas, nature center contacts.
    The URL is: http://www.miseagrant.org/pp/

    National Ocean Service Discovery Kits - Grades 6-12    
    National Ocean Service (NOS) Discovery Kits were developed for high school teachers and students and are adaptable to undergraduate or middle school level. Discovery Kits: Corals, Tides & Water Levels, and Geodesy, provide tutorials, roadmaps, and lesson plans designed to work together, but can be used independently as well.
    The URL is: http://oceanservice.noaa.gov/education/welcome.htm...

    Wetland Education    
    Ducks Unlimited site provides a variety of resources on wetland education. Three new units developed for grade levels 4-6, 7-8, and 9-12, in wetland ecosystems series consists of an educator's guide and accompanying student journal, experiments, and activities.
    The URL is: http://www.greenwing.org/dueducator/lesson_plans.h...

    Simon Says "Stop Global Warming"    
    New Hippoworks.com program designed to teach kids about global warming with activities, lesson plans and printable materials for teachers, and a carbon calculator to help students figure their global footprint.
    The URL is: http://www.hippoworks.com/animalsearth/

    Wonderful World of Weather    
    A real time data module for elementary students to explore weather phenomena locally and globally. Teachers can find many fun classroom activities divided into three sections: introductory activities, real time data activities, and language arts activities related to weather.
    The URL is: http://www.k12science.org/curriculum/weatherproj/i...

    Water Science Experiments & Projects    
    Science Fair Water projects: http://www.sciencefaircenter.com

    Experiments and demos for teachers: http://www.watercenter.net

    Basic water information and terms: http://www.watercenter.org

    Blog on Water Impacts caused by Hurricane Katrina: http://www.watercenter.org/blog
    The URL is: http://www.watercenter.org/

    On The Prairie    
    Background information on the ecology and natural history of prairie organisms, tips on prairie plant and animal identification (and ecological function), and interactive learning games ("Build a Prairie"). Developed by Minnesota IDEALS.
    The URL is: http://www.bellmuseum.org/distancelearning/prairie...

    TVA Kids.com Teacher Resources K-12 Education Materials    
    Downloadable energy education materials designed to enrich any science curriculum and are graded for students at all levels.
    The URL is: http://www.tvakids.com/teachers/resources.htm

    Guide to Creating Vernal Ponds [pdf]    
    “A Guide to Creating Vernal Ponds”; new book (downloadable in pdf format) describing how to establish small wetlands for improving outdoor classrooms and wildlife habitat. Hard copy can also be ordered online.
    The URL is: http://www.southernregion.fs.fed.us/boone/vernal.p...

    Federal Junior Duck Stamp Program Curriculum    
    The Federal Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Program is an integrated art and science curriculum developed to teach environmental science and habitat conservation. Participants complete a “term paper” using visual rather than verbal articulation to show what they have learned.
    The URL is: http://duckstamps.fws.gov/junior/junior.htm

    USGS Water Resources Outreach Program & Poster Series - K-12    
    An initiative of the US Geological Survey, to develop an awareness of water resources for K-12

    students. Includes a poster series and educational training packages (FREE).
    The URL is: http://water.usgs.gov/outreach/OutReach.html

    Hands on the Land    
    Hands on the Land (HOL) is a network of field classrooms stretching across America from Alaska to Florida and is sponsored by Partners in Resource Education, a collaboration of five Federal agencies, a non-profit foundation, schools, and other private sector partners. HOL provides a national network of field classrooms to enhance kindergarten through high school student-learning. Site provides teaching materials, resources for students, educational program information, teacher bulletins, and more.
    The URL is: http://www.handsontheland.org

    The LearningScience.org Web site provides free, high quality, newer and emerging Web interactive learning tools of science education based on National Science Education Standards (NAS, 1996).
    The URL is: http://www.learningscience.org/index.htm

    Teachers' Corner Features Great Lakes & Fisheries Education Resources    
    Teachers’ Corner is a new Web-based clearinghouse for Great Lakes and fisheries K-12 education resources. All educational materials included on the site were professionally reviewed, and many provide a FREE lesson correlated to Michigan Science Benchmarks. Other features include a chart to compare materials side-by-side, links to relevant resources and organizations, and a discussion forum. Created under the supervision of Dr. Michaela Zint, School of Natural Resources & Environment and School of Education, University of Michigan through a grant from the Great Lakes Fishery Trust.
    The URL is: http://glin.net/teach/teachers/

    Teaching the Poetry of Rivers - Online    
    Colorado Foundation for Water Education free online lesson plans for teachers that address the interdisciplinary study of watersheds, and assist students with submissions to the River of Words Poetry Contest. Self-paced lesson plans, integrating culture, history, poetry and watershed science.
    The URL is: http://cfwe.org/row.asp

    The Pine Barrens: Up Close And Natural    
    The Pine Barrens: up close and natural is an exploration of the plants and animals that live in the extraordinary ecosystem of the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Pinelands Preservation Alliance is now offering an accompanying free 52-page teacher's guide to this film on CD-ROM.

    To obtain a copy of the Teachers’ Guide or film, contact Diana Byrd at diana@pinelandsalliance.org, or (609)859-8860.
    The URL is: http://www.pinelandsalliance.org/Pages/Merchandise...

    Investigating the Climate System Grades 5-12 Classroom Modules    
    NASA educational product series consists of five classroom problem-based modules for studying clouds, energy, precipitation, weather and wind. Learning activities, assessment rubrics and prerequisite knowledge are included in these downloadable booklets, correlated to national academic standards for grades 5-12. Each was designed to be used independently.
    The URL is: http://www.nasa.gov/audience/foreducators/topnav/m...

    Watershed Action: Educate the Public    
    Information for Grades 6-12 teachers to plan educational activities for students to protect and clean up watershed environments. Projects include trash cleanup, stencilling storm drains, testing soil nutrients, composting, planting to prevent erosion, and water quality monitoring. Instructions are provided, and links to related information are provided for teachers and students. From the Center for Global Environmental Education (CGEE).
    The URL is: http://cgee.hamline.edu/watershed/action/projects/...

    Exploring Climate Change Impacts Curriculum Guide    
    For students and teachers in grades 9-12, exercises are adaptable to grade levels. Activities include an "Engagement" exercise, a Student Exploration project, and ideas for extended study. "The materials align with National Learning Standards for Science, Geography, Social Studies, Language Arts, Environmental Education, and Technology."
    The URL is: http://www.climatehotmap.org/curriculum/index.html

    Exploring the Environment (ETE) Grades 9-12 Learning Modules      
    ETE is a series of interdisciplinary, problem-based learning modules for high school students (online). The project engages student teams in addressing real-world problems related to weather, population growth, biodiversity, land use patterns, volcanoes, water pollution, and global warming. Teams analyze remotely-sensed images to come up with solutions to open-ended earth science problems.
    The URL is: http://www.cotf.edu/ete/

    Global Systems Science Grades 9-12      
    "An interdisciplinary course for high school students (9-12) that emphasizes how scientists from a wide variety of fields work together to understand significant problems of global impact." Including climate change, energy use, biodiversity and population. A project of the Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley.
    The URL is: http://www.lhs.berkeley.edu/GSS/

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