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Teaching Green - High School Years    
Green Teacher compiled "best of" collection of activities targeted toward the 'High School Years' for both formal and non-formal settings.
The URL is: http://www.greenteacher.com/newbooks.html

ACE Multimedia Presentations for High Schools on Climate Change    
Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) delivers in-person, science-based, multimedia presentations on climate change, to educate and inspire students to take action. These presentations are free for schools and available in an assembly format (45-60 minutes). ACE educators are in nine regions nationwide: Greater Bay Area (including Sacramento/Sierras), New England, greater LA, Houston, Austin, Chicago, Denver, DC, Atlanta, and NYC/NJ metropolitan areas.

After the assembly, ACE Educators kick-start student Action Teams (environmental clubs) at their schools, grants, scholarships, climate action toolkits, online communities, and more.
The URL is: http://www.acespace.org/teachers

The Drill on the Spill: Learning About the Gulf Leak in the Lab (9th- 12th grade)    
The Learning Network, New York Times

In this lesson, students read and discuss the chain of events connected to the BP oil spill and clean up attempts in the Gulf of Mexico. Students then design their own experiment, asking and answering questions concerning possible clean up options or environmental/ economic repercussions.

The URL is: http://learning.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/05/05/the-d...

Oil Spill Solutions Activity (7th grade – 12th grade)    
eGFI, American Society for Engineering Education

In this lesson students first work in teams to analyze an oil spill in class and then work on ways to contain the spill and remove the oil from the water.
The URL is: http://teachers.egfi-k12.org/lesson-plan-oil-spill...

Goo Be Gone: Cleaning Up Oil Spills (7th grade- 12th grade)    
Science Buddies

Students discuss the dominating presence oil has in every day human life. Then students conduct investigations into the validity of using sorbents to clean up an oil spill.
The URL is: http://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-fair-project...

Drill! Baby, Drill! (7th grade- 12th grade)    
PBS News Hour Extra

In this lesson students examine the pros and cons of off shore oil drilling and demonstrate their knowledge by arguing in support or criticism of President Obama’s policy towards off shore drilling.
The URL is: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/extra/teachers/lessonp...

Classroom Activities Relating to Oil Pollution in a Marine Environment (5th grade- 12th gr    
Australian Maritime Safety Authority

A series of classroom activities geared towards topics of oil pollution:

Demonstrating Oil Bioremediation

This exercise allows students to witness the ways bacteria and microorganisms can help break down and disperse oil after an oil spill (oil bioremediation).


Clean Up Oil Spill Excercise

Students experiment different ways to clean up oil spills.


Government Jurisdiction Excercise

Students learn about the government’s responsibility in relation to off shore drilling and oil spill clean up.


Mathematics and Oil Spills

Students use math to understand the severity of an oil spill.

The URL is: http://www.amsa.gov.au/Marine_Environment_Protecti...

Oil Spill Solutions (3rd- 12th grade)    
Try Engineering

This lesson challenges students to develop the best instruments and procedures for cleaning up an oil spill. Students then execute their design and reflect on the results.

The URL is: http://www.tryengineering.org/lessons/spillsolutio...

Power for Change: An Energy Curriculum for Grades K-12    
The NorthWoods Stewardship Center in Vermont has recently published a 220-page curriculum book focusing on energy conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy. The book contains 18 interactive lesson plans, over 50 student handouts, extensive background information with figures and data, and a complete energy glossary.
The URL is: http://www.northwoodscenter.org/energycurriculum.h...

New Teacher-tested Model Climate Change Lessons    
The University of Colorado-Boulder is offering a series of teacher-developed and tested model lessons for middle or high school classrooms. This set of model lessons focus on the driving questions:

. Evidence of Climate Change - How would we know if Colorado's climate is changing and how will it affect me?

. Mountain Pine Beetles - Why are our forests dying?

. Zoo Poo - Does burning poo at the Denver Zoo reduce CO2?

. Modeling Climate - What makes you hot?

All of these topics are linked to one or more of five Learn More About Climate videos. Each lesson outlines the essential principles, learning objectives, and Colorado State Science Standards addressed and is accompanied by a variety of classroom materials that can be adapted for learners in grades 5-12.
The URL is: http://learnmoreaboutclimate.colorado.edu/for-educ...

Curriculum on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation    
The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change adopted REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation in Developing countries) in December 2009. REDD will compensate tropical countries for protecting their forests. Since 15-20% of our greenhouse gas emissions come from deforestation in the tropics, successfully implementing REDD will not only save rainforests, but jump start climate change mitigation. To receive a free REDD curriculum for grades 9-12, email Bruce at saverfn@cybermesa.com
The URL is: http://www.saverfn.org/

New High School Curriculum: Citizen Climate    
The Will Steger Foundation developed Citizen Climate, a new high school curriculum tied to national standards that focuses on global climate solutions. This curriculum emphasizes civic engagement and helps teachers and students understand the critical and complex climate solutions being discussed on the national and international stage. It also allows students to formulate statements about what they would like to see happen in climate policy and how these policies and actions can be replicated in their states and local communities.
The URL is: http://willstegerfoundation.org/index.php?option=c...

Climate Change Presentations for High Schools    
The Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) will visit your high school to deliver exciting science-based multimedia presentations on climate education including delving into tangible solutions to stop climate destruction. ACE also offers grant and scholarship opportunities to empower students to take action. View their trailer on YouTube: www.tinyurl.com/acetrailer and visit their Web site for details.
The URL is: http://www.climateeducation.org/

A Hot New Resource! Climate Change: A Wisconsin Activity Guide    
This climate change guide is for teachers to help students (grades 7-12) investigate the evidence and causes of climate change, examine its impacts on ecosystems, explore and discuss varied social and cultural perspectives, and get involved helping to solve this local and global predicament. The guide includes 12 engaging activities suitable for classes in English and language arts, environmental education, math, science, art, and social studies, and the activities are tied to Wisconsin’s model academic standards. Preview online, order free copies, or download the pdf.
The URL is: http://www.dnr.wi.gov/eek/teacher/climatechangegui...

Environmental Health Science Education    
The Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) environmental health science lessons meet National Science Education Standards in biology, chemistry, environmental science, geology, and physical science, and are targeted at students in grades 9-12. All EHP news articles and lessons can be downloaded for free from this Web site.
The URL is: http://ehp.niehs.nih.gov/science-ed/

Environmental Science Course Now on Encyclopedia of Earth (EoE)    
Based on curriculum developed for California schools, the Advanced Placement Environmental Science course developed by the University of California College Prep initiative is now available through the EoE Web site. The online course covers all material outlined by the College Board and includes 25 chapters on topics ranging from energy flows to environmental laws and regulations, and the chapters may be used independently or sequentially as a full course. In addition, the chapters can serve as resources for teachers and students in other science courses at the high school or undergraduate level. The EoE is one component of the Earth Portal, which also include the Earth Forum, presenting blogs by scientists, and Earth News, featuring the latest environmental news from around the globe.
The URL is: http://www.eoearth.org/article/AP_Environmental_Sc...

Estuaries 101 Online Curriculum    
This new online science curriculum from NOAA’s National Estuarine Research Reserve System is a complete set of estuarine science curricula to help grade 9-12 teachers incorporate coastal and estuarine science into any general science class. Each of the four modules tells the estuary story through one of three domains - earth, life, or physical science.
The URL is: http://www.estuaries.gov/GetInvolved/Default.aspx?...

New York Times Learning Network    
Daily news summaries and lesson plans for grades 6-12. Resources for students, teachers and parents. (many of the science lesson plans focus on environmental issues)
The URL is: http://www.nytimes.com/learning/teachers/lessons/i...

Environmental Surveys for Home and School    
Visit the ThinkEarth Web site for two easy-to-conduct surveys that will help lessen your environmental impact. The home survey can be conducted by family members, and the school survey can be conducted as a class project from grade six and up. Once survey answers are entered online, personalized recommendations are generated to show you how to better "Think Earth." The free, broad-based surveys cover air quality, energy and water conservation, and waste reduction.
The URL is: http://www.thinkearth.org/surveys

iCUE: Immerse-Connect-Understand-Excel    
The ICUE Web site geared toward high school students incorporates fun and learning with a combination of news, eLearning, games, and social networking. It was developed based on research from the MIT Education Arcade, a research group devoted to integrating gaming and peer collaboration into traditional learning and environments, and NBC News archives.
The URL is: http://www.icue.com/

Ecology Lesson Plans    
Site offers free biology lesson plans including ecology lab, ecosystems, biomes, the cycles of matter, and environmental science for high school biology teachers. Free science curriculum from Lesson Plans, Inc.
The URL is: http://www.lessonplansinc.com/biology_lesson_plans...

Global Warming 101 Expedition with Will Steger ~ Online    
This Spring, National Geographic Explorer Will Steger and a team of young adventurers from Norway, Great Britain, Canada, and the U.S. will bring their High Arctic dogsled expedition to educators and learners through multimedia dispatches.

Endorsed by the National Education Association (NEA), this adventure learning project includes standards-linked multidisciplinary lesson plans appropriate for middle school and older students that explore how climate shapes the past, present, and future for members of the High Arctic community. In addition to the free lesson plans, the site includes discussion starters that challenge students to think critically and form well-supported opinions.
The URL is: http://www.globalwarming101.com

New EPA Resource for Teens    
This Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Web site "Your Environment, Your Choice" was designed especially for high school students to help make environmentally sound choices about the products they use, the waste they create, and the environment in which they live.
The URL is: http://www.epa.gov/epaoswer/education/teens/act.ht...

Environment and Global Climate Change    
University of the Arctic "Introduction to the Circumpolar World" module for students (grades 9-12) addressing climate change and potential environmental changes in the Arctic.
The URL is: http://www.uarctic.org/bcs/BCS100/bcs100_m6.pdf

Curriculum Guide: Exploring Climate Change Impacts    
Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) set of teaching materials geared towards students and teachers in grades 9-12. Individual exercises are adaptable to different grade levels and engage students in an exploration of the impacts of global climate change on ecosystems and natural resources. In pdf format.
The URL is: http://www.climatehotmap.org/curriculum/climate_ch...

PBS Environmental Series for Grades 6-12    
The Journey to Planet Earth video series has been re-edited for grades 6-12 to help teachers explain to students the science behind some of the alarming world headlines. Receive a 30-day free preview of the entire 10-episode series or individual episodes, by emailing screenscope@screenscope.com -- with your name, institutional mailing address, and phone number.
The URL is: http://www.pbs.org/journeytoplanetearth

Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation Call2Recycle Lesson Plan    
Interactive lesson plan teaches students about the importance of rechargeable battery and cell phone recycling. Suitable for grades 5-12.
The URL is: http://www.rbrc.org/call2recycle/teaching/index.ht...

Global Warming Virtual Courseware    
Web site provides high-school and college level science educators virtual courseware with self-guided tutorials and instructional resources. Other thematic resources are also available.
The URL is: http://www.sciencecourseware.org/eec/GlobalWarming...

Students' Guide to Composting    
"Composting in the Classroom: Scientific Inquiry for High School Students," by Nancy Trautmann and Marianne Krasny, is a comprehensive guide for teachers interested in guiding composting research projects by high school students. Downloadable in pdf format.
The URL is: http://compost.css.cornell.edu/CIC.html

Facing the Future Lesson Plans & Workshops    
Looking for an inspiring lesson to engage your middle and high school students at the end of the school year? Or the perfect faculty workshop? Facing the Future's interdisciplinary activities provide a starting place for young people to think critically about issues facing the planet and to find entry points for making a difference in their local and global communities.

Download Free Lessons: http://www.facingthefuturedata.org/download.htm

Check the Web site for workshops and student textbooks.
The URL is: http://www.teacherscorner.org/howto.htm

Marine Fisheries Series Activities Guide    
Habitat Media offers this free online activity guide to help dive deeper into the topics covered in the Marine Fisheries documentary series. The guide includes six engaging, peer-reviewed activities, correlated to national science and social studies education standards - designed for middle and high schools as well as non-traditional educational venues.
The URL is: http://www.pbs.org/emptyoceans/educators/index.htm...

New Lesson Book on Global Sustainability    
"Engaging Students through Global Issues: Activity-Based Lessons and Action Projects" Facing the Future's new activity-based lesson book for middle and high school teachers includes standards-aligned, inspiring, step-by-step lesson plans designed to help students understand complex global issues and sustainable solutions.
The URL is: http://www.facingthefuture.org/#

Actionbioscience Grades 6-12 - Undergrad Lessons Directory    
Articles and lessons (MS-undergrad) focus on issues in biodiversity, environment, genome, biotechnology, evolution, new frontiers in the sciences, and education. Lessons are written by educators and correlated to NSES standards.
The URL is: http://www.actionbioscience.org/lessondirectory.ht...

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS): An Educator's Information and Materials Guide - Grades    
For K-12 teachers and nonformal educators, the AIS Guide is available online or in pdf format. Includes aquatic exotic plants and animals educational materials, multimedia resources and information, and species field guide. From the University of Minnesota Sea Grant College Program.
The URL is: http://www.seagrant.umn.edu/exotics/

North Carolina Museum of Art online educational resource, featuring nature and science activities that can be used in environmental education. Includes K-12 lesson plans and activities searchable by region, subject, and grade.
The URL is: http://www.ncmoa.org/artnc/

AskAsia Teaching Materials    
K-12 teacher's resource site from Asia Society provides background essays, lesson plans, learning activities, maps, annotated links, and more. Lesson plans cover the events leading up to and the hours following the earthquake off the shores of Sumatra and the use of history to learn ways to avert a similar crisis in the future.
The URL is: http://www.askasia.org/teachers/lessons/

Biological Soil Crusts Guide - Grades 6-12    
US Geological Survey online guide to biological soil crusts in this easy-to-navigate Web site.

Crust 101 contains a detailed introduction to soil crust ecology, and the Advanced feature offers an extensive technical reference.
The URL is: http://www.soilcrust.org/

Bridge: Ocean Sciences Education K-12 Resource Center    
A collection of K-12 resources for marine science education on-line (resources are screened by science educators, and content is approved by research scientists as necessary). Resources are organized into topic areas, resource providers, professional development and discussion groups. A project of the Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education (CORE).
The URL is: http://www.vims.edu/bridge/

CIESE Online Classroom Projects    
Center for Improved Engineering and Science Education (CIESE) interdisciplinary projects that teachers can use to enhance their curriculum through use of the Internet. Focus is on projects that utilize realtime data from the Internet, and collaborative projects that reach peers and experts around the world via the Internet. Some of these collaborative projects include "Down the Drain: How much water do you use?"; "The Global Water Sampling Project: An investigation of water quality" for grades 9-12; and "The Square of Life: Studies of Local and Global Environments" for grades 1-5. Each project has a brief description and links to the National Science Standards and NCTM math standards it supports.
The URL is: http://www.k12science.org/currichome.html

Discovery Channel School - K-12 Lesson Plan Library    
Provides a database of resources searchable by grade, subject, and resource type (lesson plans can be printed off the web). Some EE related areas include Animals, Oceans, Earth and Life Science. Activities are correlated to National Learning Standards.
The URL is: http://school.discovery.com/lessonplans/

DiscoverySchool.com K-12 Curriculum Center    
Site provides a library of K-12 curriculum resources for teachers; study tools, games, and learning adventures for students; education advice, reviews, and study tools for parents.
The URL is: http://school.discovery.com/curriculumcenter/

Educating Young People about Water - PreK-12 Curricula      
Materials compiled and reviewed by the Environmental Resources Center, University of Wisconsin-Extension, that will help you to develop a community-based, youth water education program that targets youth and links key community members in partnerships while working toward common water education goals.
The URL is: http://www.uwex.edu/erc/eypaw/listgrade.cfm

Education Programs at Earthwatch Institute    
Find out how to join a teams of conservation researchers around the world on expeditions from 1-3 weeks long. Also discover lesson plans and web sites developed by past teacher volunteers while they were in the field. Funding is available for students (16+) and educators.
The URL is: http://www.earthwatch.org/education

Educator's Reference Desk EE K-12 Lesson Plans    
The Educator's Reference Desk K-12 Environmental Education lesson plans and resources.
The URL is: http://www.eduref.org/cgi-bin/lessons.cgi/Science/...

Energy Sourcebooks - Lesson Plans Grades 1-12    
Lesson plans and activities for elementary, junior high, and high school students to explore alternative energy sources. Can be downloaded in one large file (Complete Text), individual chapters, or on three compact discs.
The URL is: http://www.tvakids.com/teachers/sourcebooks.htm

EPA Water K-12 Sourcebooks    
Created by the EPA, The Water Sourcebooks contain 324 activities for grades K-12. This environmental education program explains the water management cycle using a balanced approach showing how it affects all aspects of the environment. Activities are available online in PDF and are also available on CD-ROM.
The URL is: http://www.epa.gov/safewater/kids/wsb/

Learning Science Interactives    
learningscience.org site offers free, high-quality Web interactives for the classroom in various areas of science studies listed by learning standards for grades K-4 and 5-12. Links to long and short interactive lesson plans, data collection, imaging, and more.
The URL is: http://www.learningscience.org/

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