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Sites with on-line stories or articles for students, many of which are "published" on the WWW by students. Also lists books and other publications for preK-12 audience.

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Excellence in Children's Literature Award Winners    
Four children's books recently received the 2010 Growing Good Kids Excellence in Children's Literature Award from the Junior Master Gardener Program and American Horticultural Society for effectively promoting an appreciation for gardening, plants, and the environment.

They include:

· Bring Me Some Apples and I'll Make You a Pie, by Robbin Gourley

· The Busy Tree, by Jennifer Ward

· The Curious Garden, by Peter Brown

· Our Shadow Garden, by Cherie Foster Colburn
The URL is:§ionID...

Edutopia Issue Devoted to EE    
The October 10, 2007 issue of Edutopia "Go Green 2007: Education for the Ecosystem" is devoted to environmental education. Search the Go Green resource database by topic for activities such as field trips or lesson plans by grade-level. Learn about schools involved in innovative learning projects on cool schools and sustainable schoolyard design. Read the articles on EE activities happening in and out of the classroom.
The URL is:

One Well: the Story of Water on Earth    
By Rochelle Strauss, author of the award-winning Tree of Life. One Well: the Story of Water on Earth is a beautifully illustrated book that tells the eye-opening story of water on Earth. One Well shows how water has the power to change everything — a single splash can sprout a seed, quench a thirst, provide a habitat, generate energy, and sustain life. Check out the trailer:
The URL is:

Urban Wildlife Resources Grades 4-7    
"An information source and clearinghouse for urban wildlife-related matters. A major objective is to facilitate interaction and achieve better management of natural resources in urban and urbanizing areas through research, planning, design, and education." Conservation Ed packets for teachers (4-7th grade)and related books can be ordered from UWR.
The URL is:

New EPA Picture Book on Air Quality for Kids: Why is Coco Orange?    
This free downloadable new picture book from the U.S. EPA helps children better understand how to protect their health. Why is Coco Orange?, tells the story of Coco the chameleon who can't change colors and along with his friends they learn about air quality while solving the mystery.
The URL is:

Getting WILD About Environmental Literature    
Dr. Christine Moseley at the University of Texas at San Antonio in collaboration with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has put together this excellent compilation of literature readings with annotations for all levels that align to the Project WILD activities. Download the 84-page doc:
The URL is:

If America Were a Village    
By David J. Smith. Illustrated by Shelagh Armstrong. Published by Kids Can Press.

This book shares a wealth of fascinating, up-to-the-minute information about the evolving national landscape by explaining what the US would look like if it were a village of 100 people. Internationally-renowned educator David J. Smith has traveled across the United States and to 30 other countries to help children understand the world we live in. He is also the author of If the World Were a Village and the geography curriculum Mapping the World By Heart.
The URL is:

Get Out!    
A relationship with nature is crucial for children. Get Out! 150 Easy Ways for Kids and Grown-Ups to Get Into Nature and Build a Greener Future, by Judy Molland (Free Spirit Publishing), is filled with fun, simple tips for teachers, parents, and caregivers to help kids connect. An award-winning teacher and writer, Molland organized 150 engaging activities, projects, games, and tips into targeted sections on outdoor activities, projects, green living, the 3 Rs (reducing, reusing, recycling), and advocacy.
The URL is:

Conservation and Humane Education Take Flight with Lucky    
Based on a true story, this children’s book tells the story of Lucky, a parrot who is captured in the wild and eventually regains his freedom with the help of a young Indonesian boy. The book teaches children to be kind to animals and is a natural fit for wider educational curriculum including geography and culture of Indonesia, the natural history, behavior, and physical characteristics of parrots and tropical forest ecosystems, as well as real-life conservation efforts.

The Web site incorporates all these topics with sample lesson plans and class activities, and includes a narrated documentary video clip of the real Lucky.

For more information about bringing Lucky to your school or classroom at the special discount rate, contact the Avian Welfare Coalition at
The URL is:

How Mother Nature Flowered the Fields    
This new book, How Mother Nature Flowered the Fields, by Tom Schwartz, is acclaimed by the Superintendent of schools in Brevard County, Florida, and highly recommended by the Midwest Book Review for its important message to our youth about the preservation of humans and their environment, originality, entertainment value, and informational content. Through the format of a fairytale style presentation, young readers are provided with some very "real world" information about environmental issues and Earth's interdependent ecosystems. Ideal for family, preschool, and community library collections.
The URL is:

Natural Inquirer: a research and science journal for kids    
The Natural Inquirer is an environmental research and science education journal for middle and high school teachers and students. It incorporates

language arts, math, hands-on activities, and critical thinking to enhance learning about the scientific process and the natural world. The journal presents actual scientific findings and procedures from scientists working with the USDA Forest Service.
The URL is:

How We Know What We Know    
When the weather changes daily, how do we really know that Earth’s climate is changing? Lynne Cherry and Gary Braasch co-authored How We Know What We Know About Our Changing Climate: Scientists and Kids Explore Global Warming (Dawn Publications, March 2008), presenting the evidence behind the headlines—gathered by scientists from all over the world, sometimes with the assistance of young "citizen scientists" and told in an age-appropriate manner with clarity and hope.
The URL is:

Little Green Books    
Keep American Beautiful (KAB) teamed up with Simon & Schuster to publish a new eco-friendly series of books for young children that will help them understand the importance of improving the environment, preserving habitats, developing good "green" habits, and more. The first three books in the series, released in September 2008, include:

· I Can Save the Earth!: One Little Monster Learns to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – The story of Max, a little green monster, and his journey from being a wasteful “environmental nightmare” to environmental awareness.

· The Polar Bears’ Home: A Story About Global Warming – A father and daughter learn about polar bears, and how they can reduce global warming through conservation.

· Little Panda and Little Monkey - Little ones will love to cuddle with these super soft fleece cloth books that are made out of cotton and recycled Polartec® fleece.
The URL is:

Adventures with Jonny    
Adventures with Jonny is a very unique outdoor children's series that combines three books into one. The book opens with a colorfully illustrated, rhyming children's story to pique the child's interest in the sport of fishing. The second section is a parental tutorial to aid parents in the proper introduction of their children to the sport. The book concludes with a fish identification game and a writing journal so that kids may record their early fishing adventures. Adventures with Jonny has teamed up with Project F.I.S.H. in a combined effort to reach more children and introduce them to the great sport of fishing.
The URL is:

Land of Curiosities    
By Deanna S. Neil, Land of Curiousities is the first tale in a series of adventures with the Clifton family into Yellowstone, the year that it is declared the world’s first national park. The collection is staged around defining events and themes in the history of the environmental movement as told through the experiences of these courageous young fictional characters, James and Alice, who learn to protect each other and the environment. The first book, for ages eight and up, includes a real history section, and was inspired by real events and places.
The URL is:

Climate Change Tales for Young Children    
Tales for young children (ages 5-8) such as Where are the igloos of Iglooville? and Tears from the other side of the world are told by Professor Sneeze, Reckless, and Breakneck explaining in easy terms, the Kyoto protocol and the problems linked to global warming in the Arctic region. Appropriate for children ages 5-8.
The URL is:

ABC’s of Ecology    
Classroom teachers, home school educators, naturalists – if you are committed to teaching children about the world in which they live and how they are an integral part, you will appreciate these 230 illustrated pages of hands-on activities. These activities have been created from the first-hand experience of the Ferry Beach Ecology School Staff on the coast of Maine or adapted with permission from other environmental organizations.
The URL is:

New Guide for Beginning Trackers    
Mammal Tracks and Scat: Life-Size Tracking Guide, by Lynn Levine, a Vermont consulting forester and environmental educator, is a book written for the beginner tracker. This year-round, waterproof guide, contains life-size illustrations of both tracks and scat (Yes, scat!) and is organized with an original key to help the tracker determine the species of animal, and become a detective gathering evidence to discover the "story" at the scene of the mystery.
The URL is:

Green Goat Books    
Green Goat Books is the publishing imprint of ProgressiveKid, a planet-friendly company for kids and families. The first title from Green Goat Books is A Hot Planet Needs Cool Kids: Understanding Climate Change and What You Can Do About It, a book to educate kids about climate change and inspire them to take action against it.
The URL is:

The Whale and the Supercomputer    
The Whale and the Supercomputer: On the Northern Front of Climate Change, by Charles Wohlforth, explores global warming from the perspectives of a group of scientists studying climate change in Alaska and a traditional Eskimo whale-hunting party using traditional knowledge to deal with the shifting landscape. Published by North Point Press.
The URL is:

Electronic Naturalist    
Free, weekly EE material on two reading levels (K-3 and 4-8), about animals, plants, and enviromental issues plus email access to professional naturalists
The URL is:

Exploring Natural Connections    
New Book by Kestrel Educational Adventures EE Organization in Massachusetts, "Exploring Natural Connections," is a collection of teaching tools, games and activities for K-10 students, and group building initiatives, making it ideal for both the classroom and outdoor settings.
The URL is:

Earth Vision    
Earth Vision presents spiritual ecology, the interweave of nature and soul. Visit the site to find five e-books, as well as a nature writing contest. A free e-book is available to students.
The URL is:

New Biodiversity Online Secondary Module    
This new addition to the Project Learning Tree (PLT) EE secondary module collection "Exploring Environmental Issues: Biodiversity" uses biodiversity as a window through which secondary students investigate the environment. Educators and students get a broader view of concepts and larger connections — not just biological, but political, cultural, ethical, and economic as well. Educators are permitted to use any of the online materials, found at the PLT Web site.
The URL is:

National Wildlife Federation® Educator E-newsletter!    
This monthly e-newsletter is designed to provide educators with hands-on activities, new ideas, resources, and strategies for getting kids outside to learn about the wonders of the natural world. Each newsletter also includes a link to download the latest Ranger Rick® Educator Guide.
The URL is:

Acting for Nature – a book of remarkable stories    
Action For Nature’s motivational book, "Acting for Nature" is now in its third printing. Thirteen inspiring environmental success stories from around the world describe how young people took action to protect our planet. Environmental literacy K-12. Short Activities Guide available.
The URL is:

Children's books on Nature & the Environment    
Sylvan Dell Publishing announces three books designed to excite a child's imagination and have educational value.

In "Loon Chase" read about what happens when a pet dog’s instinct leads him to chase a family of loons. "Tudley Didn’t Know" is a whimsical story about a painted turtle who adopts other animals’ behaviors – simply because he doesn’t know he can’t! In the story "The Giraffe Who Was Afraid of Heights" follows three friends, each challenged by a fear and a life threatening event that eventually causes each to face and overcome their own fear.
The URL is:

Africa Environment Outlook (AEO) for Youth    
"AEO for Youth: Africa Environment Outlook for Youth - Our Region-Our Life" is the youth version of the AEO report and has resulted from the combined efforts of young people from all over Africa. It is a report of Africa's environment through the eyes of Africa's youth.
The URL is:

Sierra Club - Environmental Education    
News, articles, and resources from Sierra Club's environmental education committee, and Generation E, the newsletter of the Sierra Student Coalition.
The URL is:

A Passion for Wild Places    
Books on the Colorado Wilderness by T.A. Barron, winner of the Wilderness Society's 1997 Robert Marshall Award for environmental work.
The URL is:

Yes! Magazine    
YES! magazine is ad-free and offers teachers and students inspiring stories of practical, positive solutions to a broad range of environmental and social justice challenges. By casting a spotlight on everyday heroes -- in the U.S. and around the world -- YES! shows that everyone can make a difference and help shape a more sustainable future. Educators find YES! a powerful tool for informing students about ecological and social problems while also providing avenues for constructive action. The YES! Education Connection website has resources for using YES! stories effectively in class. Teachers are eligible for a FREE one-year introductory subscription to the YES! quarterly journal, and can sign-up online.
The URL is:

Nature at Your Doorstep - Grades K-6    
Teacher's guide to outdoor nature and science investigations for primary students. Also provides valuable tips to elementary school teachers and to parents on using the hands-on, inquiry based approach to learning out of doors.
The URL is:

Popsi, The Daughter of Mother Nature    
A recently published 32 pg fully illustrated book on the benfits of recycling titled "Popsi, The Daughter of Mother Nature". Also a information page of how the world first recycled doll Popsi is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.
The URL is:

Hummingbird Mountain Press    
"So What, Saw-Whet?" is a delightful children's story based on actual photos of a Saw-Whet owl in the wild. A great way to share this feathered jewel of nature with youngsters.
The URL is:

How Mother Nature Collection    
By Tom Schwartz, Reagent Press, Publisher. How Mother Nature Flowered The Fields of Earth and Mars is a collection of three original Mother Nature stories: Flowering Fields of Earth; Saving Flowering Fields; and Flowering Mars! Stories make learning about environment fun, and interesting. Recommended for young readers transitioning from picturebooks.
The URL is:

EPA Wetlands Reading List (Grades K-12)    
This is a annotated list of printed materials that will supplement lesson plans and provide students with suggestions for independent reading on wetlands.
The URL is:

Action for Nature    
Action for Nature is a nonprofit whose purpose is to "foster a respect and affection for nature through personal action." It is particularly committed to encouraging young people to learn and care about nature. Offers "Acting For Nature", a book about young people from around the world who help nature.
The URL is:

Teaching Green - The Elementary Years    
Until April 8th, Green Teacher is offering a pre-publication discount on its upcoming publication, Teaching Green - The Elementary Years: Hands-on Learning in Grades K-5. This 240 page book contains over 50 of the best teaching strategies and activities contributed to Green Teacher magazine during the past decade - all updated and revised for this special 2005 anthology. For more details, visit
The URL is:

DragonflyNet is the first project to publish children's investigations on equal footing with adult researchers’. DRAGONFLY editors are looking for third- to sixth-grade student authors nationwide. Published bimonthly, subscription required. Nonprofit venture sponsored by National Science Foundation, National Science Teachers Association and Miami University.
The URL is:

Making A Difference Guides    
Information on books from SageWorks Press: "Making A Difference College/Graduate Guide" or "Making A Difference Scholarships."Instant "click you win" contest to win free copies.
The URL is:

Dr. Art's Guide to Planet Earth    
Site features the book, "Dr. Art's Guide to Planet Earth", explains Earth Systems Science for teachers, students and the general public. Includes book reviews, lessons that work with the book, and a theatre show.
The URL is:

Keepers of the Animals: Native American Stories and Wildlife Activities for Children        
"Extensively field-tested activities, which involve children in creative arts, theater, reading, writing, science, social studies, mathematics, and sensory awareness, foster creative thinking in relation to wildlife ecology and enviro issues" Teacher's guide and audiocassette can also be ordered online. Grade Level: K-adult NPEEE Review
The URL is:

Take A Walk Books    
A series of nature-adventure books that turn kids onto the natural treasures they can find in their own backyard, schoolyard, or local park. Teaches respect and appropriate nature observation behavior. Two books to date: both recommended by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). these books also make a great study guide for teachers and homeschoolers.
The URL is:

Children's Literature Web Guide    
Children's Literature Web Guide Information about book awards, authors, and illustrators.
The URL is:

Youth Sourcebook on Sustainable Development    
"..contains information on youth's concerns with sustainable development issues, case studies of youth action, together with advice on how to organize for action, useful resource lists, and finally a Directory of international and regional youth organizations."
The URL is:

Pop! magazine    
A Canadian environmental magazine for youth age 7-12. Accompanying teacher resources also available.
The URL is:

Native West Press    
This small, natural history press creates reader-accessible books on wildlife species of the American West that are under-appreciated: Examples of recent titles: Blessed "Pests" of the Beloved West: An Affectionate Collection on Insects and Their Kin, and, Javelina Place: The Controversial Face of the Collared Peccary.
The URL is:

Young Scientist's Guide to Wetlands    
The booklet addresses: What is a wetland?; Wetland plants; Wetland animals; Wetland types (marsh, swamp, floodplain, etc) ; Visiting a wetland; and Value of wetlands.
The URL is:

Green Frog News    
Free, downloadable science and environmental newsletter for students grades 4-6. Every issue is topic specific for easy integration into lesson plans and existing curriculum and is available in PDF. Content is provided by zoos, museums, governmental agencies, educational institutions and professional agencies and organizations.
The URL is:

Earth Tales from Around the World    
. Caduto, Michael J. Stories that explore Earth and our relationship to it. They are grouped in ten sections including: Earth, Sky, Fire, Water, Seasons and Weather, Plants, Animals, Circle of Life, Stewardship and Wisdom.
The URL is:

The Earth Speaks    
Steven Van Matre. A compilation of poetry, short readings and stories. Contents are divided into three categories including: Earth Magic, Earth Wisdom and Earth Spirit.
The URL is:

Flute's Journey    
Lynne Cherry. The fully illustrated and warmly told story of a wood thrush who starts life in the woods of Maryland, and migrates across the Gulf of Mexico to the Monteverde Rain Forest in Costa Rica. Flute's struggles for survival demonstrate a variety of conservation issues for migrating birds.
The URL is:

Dawn Publications - Nature-Awareness Picture Books (K-6)    
Dawn Publications publishes award-winning picture books for children (of all ages!) that both educate and inspire. Our books explore nature, animal, habitat and ecological themes that fit well in elementary environmental curricula.
The URL is:

Pee Wee's Family in a Nutshell    
By Larraine Roulston. Third in the children's adventure series in composting, tells the tale of the endearing little red wiggler and friends who have adventures with composting. It follows "Pee Wee and the Magical Compost Heap" and "Pee Wee's Great Adventure: a guide to Vermicomposting."
The URL is:

Educational Material for All Ages    
Provides a list of materials available from the Natural History Survey with ordering information.

The URL is:

KIND News    
Kids in Nature's Defense (KIND) monthly newspaper from the National Association for Humane and Environmental Education. Features articles, stories, and activities that help teach children about people, animals, and the environment. Students also can visit the website for related games and activities. September through May (monthly) subscription is $30 and includes 32 copies of one of three editions (grades K–2; 3–4; or 5–6), a teachers guide and an annual resource book of reproducible worksheets, calendar pages, and other materials.
The URL is:

Newsletter for kids from E/Magazine. Features articles, facts, trivia and is updated monthly.
The URL is:

Children's Environmental Literature    
The updated Children’s Environmental Literature Bibliography is now available on the Web, providing a reading list for early childhood providers and to help teacher's meet the requirements of the No Child Left Behind legislation.
The URL is:

Marcie the Marvelous Tree: An Autobiography    
Marcie is a tree, planted in 1987 and was the inspiration for the founding of Tree Musketeers. "Marcie the Marvelous Tree: An Autobiography" is a touching yet educational children's book in both English and Spanish about the power of kids and trees to change the world. In her story, Marcie talks about standing in the nursery fearing that no one would want her, the horrors of being vandalized, and how trees and humans help each other.
The URL is:

Go Wild in New York City    
Go Wild in New York City (National Geographic, 2005) is an action-packed, kid-focused introduction to the ecology of cities. The book combines basic science with mind-bending city-specific facts and photos (including child-pleasing spreads on cockroaches, rats and squirrels; and sidebars on topics like horse manure, trash and worms) and junior citizen scientist projects. Extensive online and offline resources are provided in the end pages, and the book's website features chapter-specific teaching plans created for GO WILD by the Urban Science Education Center at Teachers College.
The URL is:

EPA Water K-12 Sourcebooks    
Created by the EPA, The Water Sourcebooks contain 324 activities for grades K-12. This environmental education program explains the water management cycle using a balanced approach showing how it affects all aspects of the environment. Activities are available online in PDF and are also available on CD-ROM.
The URL is:

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