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Links on this page are to student oriented workshops, camps, competitions, and community projects.

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Save the Rainforest Class Trips ~ Central & South America    
Engage your students in the ultimate environmental education adventure. Experience the outdoor classroom of the tropical rainforests. Save The Rainforest is run by teachers whose nonprofit status allows them the opportunity to make the all-inclusive trips very affordable. Teachers who lead a trip will travel free.
The URL is:

Camp Leadership Program for Teens ~ Washington    
June 28 - July 2, 2010 ~ Bainbridge Island, Washington

Application Deadline: May 15, 2010

IslandWood is introducing its first ever Camp Leadership Program for teens entering 10th-12th grades. This two-week program is designed to help teens develop the skills to share nature with kids in outdoor settings. Upon successful completion of this program, participants will have the opportunity to volunteer at IslandWood camps and other programs.
The URL is:

Nominate a Young Environmental Hero for a $2500 Barron Prize    
Nomination Deadline: April 30, 2010

The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes seeks nominations for its 2010 awards. The Barron Prize honors young people ages 8 to 18 who have made a significant positive difference to people and our planet. Half of each year’s 10 winners are chosen for their work to protect the environment. Winners each receive $2,500 to support their service work or higher education.
The URL is:

Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood    
Just as more attention is being focused on the need to connect students to nature at a younger age, PLT has published a new curriculum guide and music CD to engage children ages three to six in outdoor exploration and play. Eleven field-tested, hands-on activities showcase over 130 "early childhood experiences" which integrate investigations of nature with art, literature, math, music, and movement. Early childhood educators and caregivers can obtain a copy of PLT’s Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood curriculum by attending a PLT professional development workshop in their area.
The URL is:

Sailing Expeditions for Students    
Spring or Fall 2010

Students (grades 5-12) along with their adult chaperones will experience marine science and sailing on the waters of Puget Sound aboard the 61' Carlyn. Students will take the helm from the minute they step on board, conducting original marine science research and learning to operate the vessel under the careful guidance of the Salish crew. Scholarship money is available for qualifying schools and students! Contact Education Director, Nikken Palesch, at or (206) 780-7848 (Salish office) with questions.
The URL is:

Ecological Literacy Project    
The Project engages middle and high school students in a science-based exploration of their local environment and trains them in

professional radio production. With guidance from radio professionals from Living On Earth, NPR's weekly environmental news program, students work is broadcast over local and national radio and is featured on Living On Earth's website.
The URL is:

LeadAmerica is a youth leadership organization which sponsors college-accredited, academic-, and career-focused leadership programs for our world’s most promising young leaders. The Ambassadors Abroad programs provide students with a dynamic, academic, and interactive introduction to the complex historical and contemporary issues facing nations around the world. On LeadAmerica’s Australia & New Zealand and Costa Rica programs, students discover the diverse ecosystems, indigenous populations, and innovative conservation efforts of these ecologically important regions of the world. Students return home with an enlightened perspective of the world and their responsibility as a global citizen and leader within it.
The URL is:

WERC, A Consortium for Environmental Education & Technology Development      
"A program of the College of Engineering at NMSU...WERC is expanding our national capability in the management of waste and restoration of the environment, including the relationships between energy and environmental issues." Professional development opportunities, environmental workshops (9-12), higher ed programs, and research and funding info.
The URL is:

Apprentice Ecologist Initiative™    
The goal of the Apprentice Ecologist Initiative™ is to elevate young people (including disadvantaged and at-risk youth) into leadership roles by engaging them in environmental stewardship projects. A $500 scholarship will be awarded annually to the author of the top Apprentice Ecologist essay.
The URL is:

Feet Wet, Hands Dirty    
This new book Feet Wet, Hands Dirty: Environmental Projects in Maryland Public Schools, highlights 15 different elementary school student-developed environmental projects. Maryland's EE program provides students with the opportunity to investigate environmental issues and take action to preserve or restore the environment.
The URL is:

Kids Teaching Kids Youth Conferences ~ Australia    
Student delegates prepare 40-minute workshops to present to their peers at the conferences on a marine or coastal topic, relevant to their local area. Using the Kids Teaching Kids model, the 2008 Conferences will provide students with skills in environmental education, but more importantly it will build students who are optimistic, have a sense of future, are capable public speakers, and can communicate ideas in many different forms. All primary and secondary schools across the world are invited to attend this conference.
The URL is:

Teens for Planet Earth    
Teens for Planet Earth (TPE) is an international program developed by the Wildlife Conservation Society based at the Bronx Zoo. Visit TPE to learn more about the environment and conservation, develop a service-learning project that’ll impact your own corner of the globe, and gain recognition with TPE annual Service Awards. TPE also supports educators and adult leaders.
The URL is:

Penguins on Thin Ice    
This program was performed live by students from New York's High School for Environmental Studies on May 4, 2007, at the United Nations for the U.N. Commission on Sustainable Development (UN-CSD). Hear the songs, read the script and background information, and see the full U.N. performance and the 4-1/2 minute trailer of the show.
The URL is:

Celebrate Urban Birds!    
The Cornell Lab of Ornithology's newest citizen science project "Celebrate Urban Birds!" kicked off in May and nearly ten thousand participants and five hundred organizations are already taking part. All materials are free (including bilingual posters and sunflower seeds) and give individuals, families, and groups all the tools needed to watch birds and collect data in cities, suburbs, and rural areas. Celebrate Urban Birds gives people a chance to experience nature directly in order to promote conservation.
The URL is:

Follow the Trek of Students Tracing NY Water Supply    
Six students from New York Harbor School in Brooklyn and six students from Sidney High School, in Delaware County, are experiencing a three-week summer program called "Mountaintop -> Tap Trek" tracing New York City’s drinking water supply. They will learn about and become spokespeople for the water supply system and bring public attention to the 10th Anniversary of the Memorandum of Agreement, which brought together, for the first time, all the stakeholders in the system. Throughout the three-week trek (July 7-28), the students will assess the quality of the water in streams, rivers, and reservoirs, talk to public officials and host press conferences to share with the public, from the trenches, what they are learning. Follow their trek online and read the students’ daily journal entries each day.
The URL is:

Journey North Fall 2007 ~ Online    
Teachers and students in K-12 classrooms are invited to participate this fall in Journey North’s 15th global real-time study of wildlife migration, the budding of plants, changing sunlight, and other natural events.
The URL is:

Earth Explore Adventures    
Environmental field science experiences for teachers and students in grades 5-8. Inquiry based experiential learning format. Academic credit opportunities.
The URL is:

Live, Electronic Field Trip    
March 22, 2007 ~ Bay of Santa Maria, Mexico, Webcast

Students in grades 5-8 are invited to join millions of migrating shorebirds at the Bay of Santa Maria in Mexico for a webcast and satellite broadcast as part of "Migration Science and Mystery." This project takes participants on a journey totaling more than 6,500 miles from Panama to Alaska with stopovers in between. The free program will be live, and wildlife biologists will be on-site to talk about migration and answer questions.
The URL is:

The Agora Experience for High School Students ~ Romania    
The Agora Experience is a two week cultural immersion and service opportunity offering high school age students a chance to explore an exciting part of the world while learning about the importance of international rural development efforts. Hosted by Agora, a local environment and sustainable development nonprofit, participants will live with a family and work with locals (and Peace Corps Volunteers) on a variety of exciting projects.
The URL is:

Track Spring's Journey North ~ Online    
February - May, 2007 ~ Online

Teachers and students in K-12 classrooms are invited to participate this Spring in Journey North’s 14th global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change.
The URL is:

Michigan Sea Grant College Program    
Michigan Sea Grant education efforts focus on

community-based education as well as K-16

formal education for educators and students.

Education goals of Michigan Sea Grant include

improving marine and aquatic science literacy

through educational programs and standards-

based curriculum content.
The URL is:

Environmental Earth Angels Bio-Action Program    
This student EE program in Ontario, Canada, engages students by providing class modules and labs on biodiversity. The outdoor activities give students a chance to utilize their knowledge and see how they can directly impact the environment.
The URL is:

One Year Later - Results from SC Middle Schools Using EIC For Learning      
South Carolina middle school students are engaged in real-world, community-based, and standards-aligned environmental investigative and service-learning projects that improve their behavior, attitudes and grades. Teachers of all disciplines, together with parents, local businesses, universities, and federal, state, county and non-profit environmental groups are helping students stay in class and improve their learning. First year quantitative and qualitative data collected from an outside evaluator from ten South Carolina pilot middle schools indicate adolescents are responding very favorably to these new instructional strategies.

Teacher confidence and classroom management skills improved as students responded. The Environment as an Integrating Context (EIC) model is based on national research conducted by the State Education and Environment Roundtable (SEER). Visit the SEER© website at for information.

View the complete report: "Education Using the Environment" by Edward H. Falco online.
The URL is:

Earth Force      
Earth Force has recently launched a new program called Earth Force After School, that gives youth hands-on lessons by engaging them in environmental projects after school. Earth Force has national programs and local offices that engage youth in community action and environmental problem solving. They offer a catalog of products and educator training.
The URL is:

Give Water A Hand      
National organization that offers student materials for grades K-5 and additional teacher resources, with FREE, downloadable guidebook in English and Spanish. A program of the University of Wisconsin - Environmental Resources Center.
The URL is:

Students on Ice    
Students on Ice takes high school students from around the world on educational learning expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic to provide educational opportunities and help foster a new understanding and respect for our planet.
The URL is:

Central Caribbean Marine Institute    
CCMI provides educational field experiences in the Caribbean for teachers and students.
The URL is:

Bronx Science LEAP Ecology Club    
Find out more about the student League for Environmental and Animal Protection. Learn how we saved Earth Day at our high school, and won the NYCityWide Sanitation Department's Recycling Award.
The URL is:

Long Island School takes classroom into the garden    
In the courtyard of South Country’s Frank P. Long Intermediate School, New York, there is a beautiful garden lush with decorative flowers, shrubs, trees, and ornamental decorations. The garden, which expanded from a small plot to the entire courtyard over the past four years, is the result of the school’s 4th & 5th grader’s Garden Club. Frank P. Long teacher Peter Cisek initiated the program with a $500 grant from radio station WBAB for educators who needed seed money to start a special program and is receiving yearly assistance from the South Country Education Foundation. The Garden Club is totally self-sustaining, and not funded by the school budget.
The URL is:

Wilderness Inquiry Outdoor Adventures    
WI "focuses on getting people from all walks of life to personally experience the natural world...WI conducts a variety of activities including community events, research, training, equipment design, trail and facility assessments, policy development" and multi-day trips.
The URL is:

A Tree For Every Child    
This environmental program lets children learn how practical action can create a better world.

The URL is:

Smokey Bear    
Smokey Bear has fun and educational games for kids.

The URL is:

Rivers Project    
A water quality monitoring project for high school students, based at Southern Illinois University. Components include curriculum development and teacher training.
The URL is:

Journey South - Online    
Begins August 15, 2004

Teachers and students in K-12 classrooms are invited to participate this fall in one of the "Journey North" project’s global studies of wildlife migration and seasonal change. Journey South enables students to track the coming fall by following the migration patterns of monarch butterflies, bald eagles, whooping cranes, and other animals; and other natural events. Students share their own field observations with classmates across North America and analyze data from other classroom and professional scientists. Each study features standards-based lessons and challenges, stunning photos and video clips, weekly migration updates, interactive maps, connections with field scientists, and compelling migration “stories.” They also provide guidance for helping students conduct local observations and inquiries and fit them into a global context.
The URL is:

Kids For A Clean Environment (F.A.C.E.)    
Elementary kids for a clean environment is a group that concerned children can join.

The URL is:

Employment With The USGS    
This page has U.S. Geological Survey employment opportunities for high school students and adults.

The URL is:

Environmental Protection Agency Employment    
Careers, internships, and scholarships for high school students.

The URL is:

KAB - Take Action Site for Teens    
Keep America Beautiful website provides teens with ideas for community improvement projects. Plus in-classroom project ideas for teachers.
The URL is:

Get A Job! EEK    
Get A Job! EEK (Environmental Education for Kids) offers career possibilities.

The URL is:

ENO-Environment Online©    
ENO-Environment Online© is a global web school for environmental awareness where students are studying two lessons weekly throughout the schoolyear.
The URL is:

Trickle Up Service Learning Project    
Students provide micro-grants to a poor entrepreneur from a country they choose. Your class will receive a business plan outlining exactly how the project works, as well as recognition from Trickle Up.
The URL is:

Learning Web    
Resource for K-12 teachers and students from the USGS, provides online lesson plans, activities, tutorials, and links to references dealing with interdisciplinary studies of natural science.
The URL is:

Nicaragua High School Study Abroad    
Nicaragua Tropical Studies Summer Program offers high school students an unparallaled opportunity to contribute to sustainable long term solutions to rainforest conservation. The only high school accredited program of its kind in the world!
The URL is:

National Marine Sanctuary Education Program    
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) National Marine Sanctuary Program education mission is to enhance public awareness, understanding and appreciation of the marine environment. Features the Dive Into Education Marine Science Program for teachers to support ocean literacy in the classroom; and the Living Classrooms program, an ocean field studies program for teacher and student teams to participate in activities focused on marine sanctuaries and ocean conservation.
The URL is:

Classroom Earth K-12 Resources    
A collection of EE programs & resources for K-12 teachers, parents, & students from NEETF. Designed to help educators, after-school providers & home-schooling parents to get started or improve their skills in environmental education.
The URL is:

ePALS Classroom Exchange    
Connect with classrooms from 97 countries speaking 99 languages. 12,259 classrooms, representing more than 850,000 students, are now registered with ePALS!
The URL is:

Frost Valley YMCA    
The Frost Valley Environmental Education Center publishes K-12 environmental education curricula aimed toward encouraging environmental education in the classroom. Teaching guides focus on a variety of topics including resource management, environment and development issues, watershed education and GIS technology ed.
The URL is:

Careers in Science    
Many High School students do not really know the opportunities in the scientific world. This activity is a research paper to explore scientific opportunities and careers.
The URL is:

Inner City Outings    
A volunteer community outreach program of the Sierra Club that provides outdoor experiences for groups of individuals who might not otherwise have them. Such groups include: inner city youth of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, disabled persons, and children with HIV.
The URL is:

Bureau of Land Management EE Home      
Information about "teacher-tested environmental education resources, as well as monthly features on field environmental education programs and tools, and special features on resource professions, educational events, and opportunities" from the BLM. Selected resources reviewed by the National Project for Excellence in EE.
The URL is:

Living Routes - Student Programs    
"The mission of Living Routes is to develop and support a diverse, yet integrated set of ecovillage-based educational programs that empower participants to help build a sustainable future. Living Routes is working closely with the Global Ecovillage Network and a consortium of ecovillages, academic institutions, and other orgs to create these globally connected yet regionally developed programs.
The URL is: is designed to improve the education of children (K-12), teachers, and parents. Some of the features include links to the best educational sites on the Internet for a wide variety of subjects and age groups, listed in an easy to navigate format.
The URL is:

Wyoming Recycling Works    
Helped by Middle School students, our small city created web-based game, fun facts, and video to explain why we recycle so many different materials - we lead our region in materials and weight of recycling, and this interactive site encourages young people to stimulate family recycling activities.
The URL is:

Rio Kids    
A unique digital portrait of the sustainable development of our planet by Bristol schoolchildren born in 1992 - the year of the Rio

Earth Summit. The children’s work explores a variety of issues raised by the Summit such as recycling of waste, protecting coastal

environments and natural habitats.
The URL is:

The University of Costa Rica    
World Class Adventures in Education, is a course for English speaking undergraduate students interested in studying the rainforest. Students will receive credit in Tropical Ecology, Natural History, Biodiversity Conservation and Spanish.
The URL is:

Costa Rica Rainforest Outward Bound    
Costa Rica Rainforest Outward Bound School offers self-empowering courses in the rainforest of Costa Rica. Students are challenged through adventure to explore their relationship with nature, with one another, and with the world around them.
The URL is:

Earth Tomorrow      
An innovative environmental education and leadership program for high school educators and students across the country. This program is designed to create an awareness for conserving natural resources, to provide opportunities for action at the individual and community level, and to introduce students to environmental careers. A project of the National Wildlife Federation.
The URL is:

Signals of Spring    
"Teaching teachers and students to analyze real-time NASA earth imagery to explain animal migration." For middle to high school students. Requires one week of classroom instruction followed by Research and Analysis components. On-line registration.
The URL is:

Sea World/Busch Gardens - Educational Resources      
Life history information and classroom activities focusing on marine animals, as well as information about the educational programs offered by Sea World/Busch Gardens parks around the country.
The URL is:

UCLA Stunt Ranch Reserve Kids Page    
DRAWING FROM NATURE: a series of articles from the Los Angeles Times Kids Page, featuring art and science lessons for kids. Each article is written about plants and/or animals found at the UCLA Stunt Ranch Reserve. Illustrations are by children ages 5-12. The series runs on the 1st Sunday of the month in the Los Angeles Times "Comics Plus" section.
The URL is:

World Wise Schools - Peace Corps    
"World Wise Schools is an innovative global education program that provides students in the United States with a view of life in one of the more than 80 countries where Peace Corps Volunteers serve."
The URL is:

AMC Programs for Urban Youth    
"The Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC)serves youth in Greater Boston, New York and Philadelphia through programs which provide outdoor skills training for youth workers, global and urban environmental education for youth, and outdoor and environmental career internships for youth."
The URL is:

Teton Science School    
TSS offers residential and non-resdential EE courses throughout the year to students and adults of all ages. The Professional Residency in Environmental Education and Natural Science (PREE)is a one-year graduate-level academic program and teaching practicum.
The URL is:

Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe (FEEE)      
FEEE is a network of NGOs representing 21 European countries. FEEE programmes focus on environmental education and action, through three existing campaigns: Blue Flag (for evaluating beaches and marinas),Eco-Schools (for primary and secondary schools), Young Reporters for the Environment (for secondary schools).
The URL is:

An Audio Guide to Urban Birds: By Students, For Students    
Want to learn more about the birds in your community? This project can help! Written and narrated by high school students from Boston, Massachusetts, the Urban Bird Sounds Project features recordings and descriptions of birds, tips for remembering their songs and calls, and short quizzes to test your skills. To learn more, download audio, try the quizzes, or order a free copy, visit the Web site.
The URL is:

Global Explorers    
Global Explorers offers educational international immersion experiences for middle and high school students and their teachers. With an emphasis on science, culture, leadership and service, students learn about and visit the Amazon, Oaxaca, the Yucatan, Baja California, Tanzania or the Arctic. Preparatory curriculum and required follow-up service projects are provided as a part of the program.
The URL is:

Audubon Nature Camps    
The National Audubon Society offers summertime nature camps for kids, teens, families, and adults in the Northeast and Midwest.
The URL is:

Youth and Environment Europe (YEE)    
The umbrella organization for over forty regional and national self governing youth organizations involved in the study and conservation of nature and the environment throughout Europe.
The URL is:

Youth Ranger Coordinator Program    
The Environmental Learning Center in Fort Collins, CO, sponsored ten week summer program giving junior high and high school students the opportunity to become volunteer naturalists at the environmental learning center, a local riparian nature preserve.
The URL is:

Correspond with a Peace Corps Volunteer    
A number of currently serving Peace Corps Volunteers, through The Correspondence Match program, part of World Wise Schools, are looking for U.S.-based teachers and classrooms for correspondence. This is an excellent opportunity to connect students first-hand with a larger world, one that represents service, cross-cultural understanding and adventure.
The URL is:

Students for a Sustainable Future EXPO ~ New York    
April 27-28, 2006 ~ Pleasantville, New York

Who will make a difference and also make the Fortune 500 in 2020? The Students for a Sustainable Future brings corporations and educators together to address this question; to develop students' entrepreneurial skills; to encourage them to be adaptive and forward-thinking; and to inspire them to seek solutions for a sustainable world.
The URL is:

Windows Into Wonderland    
Yellowstone National Park series of free electronic field trips for middle school students. Educators can register online. Field trips are 30 minutes and accompanied by extensive lesson plans. A student question and answer message board will be available immediately following the broadcast.
The URL is:

Environmental Education Programs    
Guides to residential and day EE programs around the U.S., EE jobs, and Teaching Credential and Environmental Education Degrees in California. Directories can be ordered online for hard copies or PDF files (via email). Current links are also provided for most resources.
The URL is:

Park Naturalist    
A science career site recommended for 6-8 grades.
The URL is:

Enviro Fun    
Illinois EPA Envirofun for kids! Check out tips to keep our world a beautiful place for the animals and us.
The URL is:

Geography Action - National Geographic    
National Geographic has just kicked off its Habitat Hero campaign, the million-kid movement that is rallying kids from all walks of life to step up as the next generation of environmental caretakers. The campaign is aimed at inspiring kids to preserve habitats that are at risk of becoming extinct.
The URL is:

Innovation Odyssey      
"Interested in using technology to motivate and inspire? See how teachers around the world use technology—right now—in exciting ways to support student learning. From navigating the Idaho outdoors to inventing toys in Israel, the Innovation Odyssey Web site is brimming with ideas for teachers of every subject, teaching style, and grade level."
The URL is:

Montclair State University School of Conservation (SOC)      
The SOC is the largest university-operated environmental center in the world. Located 57 miles from the main campus on a 240-acre tract in the center of Stokes State Forest, Sussex County, and part of the College of Science & Mathematics.

Offering programs for elementary, middle and high school groups, workshops for teachers, and Graduate Fellowships and Internships.
The URL is:

NatureMapping with the Sawtooth Science Institute    
NatureMapping is the outreach component of the Gap Analysis Program. NatureMapping allows school children, citizens, and community groups to collect wildlife-related information that will be available to everyone, and provides an opportunity for students and volunteers to perform field studies that contribute to the state's biological databases.
The URL is:

Share the Adventure, Discovering Dinosaurs    
Students can talk to paleontologists who have been working in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. The BLM and the Museum of Northern Arizona host this educational site about a duckbilled dinosaur recently excavated from Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Southern Utah.
The URL is:

Shelburne Youth Leadership Institute    
This Center for a Sustainable future "is designed to help young people further develop their

moral and human compasses and to use them, as they and the world around them changes. Participants in the institute will be juniors

or seniors in high school next year."
The URL is:

Adobe Creek Restoration Project    
This site outlines a project undertaken by Casa Grande High School in California that restored a creek the state had labeled "dead."
The URL is:

Uncover Global Mystery Classes ~ Online    
Free 10-week Geography Project Starts January 31, 2005 ~ Online

Teachers and students in grade 4-12 classrooms are invited to participate this winter/spring in Journey North’s Mystery Class project in which students try to find ten secret classes “hiding” around the globe. On this inspiring ten-week journey, young geographers must use reasoning, graphing, and research skills to pinpoint exact locations of the mystery classes. Students develop a deep grasp of important concepts as they puzzle them out in real time as the project unfolds over two and a half months.
The URL is:

Federal Junior Duck Stamp Program Curriculum    
The Federal Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Program is an integrated art and science curriculum developed to teach environmental science and habitat conservation. Participants complete a “term paper” using visual rather than verbal articulation to show what they have learned.
The URL is:

Explore Your World! Biodiversity Month    
Biodiversity Month is a time to celebrate biodiversity through educational activities and scientific exploration. Teachers can involve their students by organizing an activity to explore biodiversity in May.
The URL is:

Bayer Young Environmental Envoy Program    
Through this program, Bayer provides young people with opportunities to gain first-hand experience of environmental protection. Participants, ages 17-25, are chosen by a selection process in each country that includes asking the applicants to outline their ideas for sustainable development. Visit the website for participating countries.
The URL is:

Programs available to schools across the nation, for grades 3-5 and 6-12 providing teachers with effective methods for meeting learning standards and school improvement criteria. For information on participating, go to the online order form.
The URL is:

Machu Picchu Excursion for Students    
Deadline: June 30th 2005

Seeking Blind & Able-Bodied Students for Machu Picchu Excursion. Join Erik Weihenmayer, the first blind man to summit Mount Everest, and

Global Explorers' staff for a spectacular trek through the magical land of the Incas. This one-time-only 12-day experience will team blind, disabled and able-bodied high school students for an unparalleled leadership, teamwork, and learning adventure. A highlight will be a six day trek through lush mountains and ancient Inca ruins to Machu Picchu. In the process, students will explore the rich cultural and natural history of this spectacular region. They'll learn a great deal about themselves and each other as they push beyond their boundaries on this journey of a lifetime.
The URL is:

The Global Schoolhouse    
The new home of "The Global Schoolhouse" (began in 1992) a project of Global Schoolnet international online community education project where students can find online collaborative projects organized by topic and grade level.
The URL is:

Nat'l Service Learning Program Directory    
The National Service-Learning Clearinghouse Web site provides a searchable database of Learn and Serve America grantee programs. Search for programs by location, program type, and grade level.
The URL is:

EcoTeach offers teacher lead middle school and high school student groups to Costa Rica to do Conservation and Endangered Species Protection work. Working with local schools and communities in Costa Rica, Ecoteach supports environmental protection and education projects focused primarily on the Leatherback Sea Turtles and Macaws. Through the coffee fund raiser program EcoTeach buys coffee directly from farmers in Costa Rica supporting their sustainable farming practices. The fund raiser program is available to any group in the US wishing to raise money for their local projects and $1 per bag goes to support the EcoTeach conservation and education projects.
The URL is:

My Community, Our Earth (MyCOE) Project    
Deadline: March 1, 2005

Geographic Learning for Sustainable Development program for middle school, secondary school, and university youth from around the world to take a hands-on approach to learning geography by developing a project that proposes solutions to issues of sustainable development in their communities. The focus during this phase is Water, Sanitation, and Human Settlement in support of the UN Millennium Goals to reduce poverty and improve the lives

of people around the world. MyCOE provides free online resources for students use in these projects.
The URL is:

Neighborhood Excellence Awards - Student Leaders    
Deadline: June 30, 2005

As part of the Bank of America Neighborhood Excellence initiative the Student Leaders Program provides paid summer internships that are arranged with community organizations so students can experience how they can help shape their communities. Each student is assigned a mentor from Bank of America who will provide guidance and support over the course of the program.
The URL is:

ITEST Program    
ITEST - "Information Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers" to work with scientists and engineers in project-based, experiential learning ranging from biotechnology to environmental resource management. ITEST is a program of the National Science Foundation's Division of Elementary, Secondary, and Informal Education (ESIE). This publication describes the program, projects and locations, and sponsors. Types of projects are 1) career and educational enrichment for students in middle and high school, 2) Teacher information technology professional development and 3) a resource center for research on funded projects.
The URL is:

Live E-Field Trip    
October 14, 2005

Video introduction session on September 30.

Live Electronic Field Trip from the U.S. Forest Service for Grades 5-8 on America's rainforests. Join experts on location in the tropical and temperate rain forests to learn about rain forest ecosystems, current research, human needs and management challenges. Sign up to participate.
The URL is:

Teacher Appreciation    
Teacher Appreciation website with ideas and suggestions for Teacher’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Week and other student-teacher special occasions.
The URL is:

Learn and Serve America    
Learn and Serve America, a program of the Corporation for National and Community Service, supports and encourages service-learning for students throughout the U.S. to make meaningful contributions to their community while building their academic and civic skills.
The URL is:

Megaconference Jr. 2006 ~ Online    
Registration Deadline: April 28, 2006

May 18, 2006 ~ Online Videoconference

Megaconference Jr. will give students in elementary and secondary schools around the world the opportunity to communicate, collaborate, and contribute to each other's learning in real time, using advanced multi-point video conferencing technology. Videoconference-based presentations and activities will focus on academic and cultural issues.
The URL is:

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